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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2024

Bra// I buy one or two of these yearly. One of my fave bras for daily wear! 
My Fave Socks// My husband got me hooked on this brand and I love the socks. He wears them, too, and then I also got my mom loving this brand! High quality and worth the $$. 
Ballet Flats// This green is just dreamy. 
Pullover// I want this. I *love* Varley! 
Tinted Eye Cream// My fave morning eye cream. It's slightly tinted, giving you a more awake appearance if you forgo makeup. No glitter/shimmer like some of the 'illuminating' eye creams. It's so creamy and hydrating. This is such a big savings. I've paid full price for this before. It's painfully pricey, but it's just so good. 
Jeans// My #1 favorite pair in the sale. Love the cut and the wash. 
Sneakers// I really like these, and they're only $60. 
Gold Flats// I think I'm going to purchase these. So pretty and neutral but I think gold dresses things up a bit. I love the added texture of the woven leather. 
Mini Handbag// This is the cutest little bag!!! There are three colors available, but I think brown is probably the most useful. 
Perfume// My favorite perfume is Aventus for her. It makes me feel like a million bucks every time I spray it. It's just delightful, but it's pricey. I love the idea of this set and being able to try two other scents. 
Cable Sweater// Love the chunky knit on this sweater. A good classic. 
Jacket// Pretty and classic. I love the longer length as it looks so good with tall boots. 
Jeans// Love the dark wash because it looks so polished.

The Details
It's that time of year again. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins TODAY for Icon card holders.  I spent all last week giving the Sale a really good once-over during the preview. Scroll down to see my picks.

The dates for the sale are:
Tuesday, July 9th// Early Access Icon Level Cardmembers
Wednesday, July 10th// Early Access Ambassador Level Cardmembers
Thursday, July 11th// Early Access Influencer Level Cardmembers
Monday, July 15th// Public Access
Sunday, August 4th// Sale Ends

You don't need a promo code. The prices are all as marked and will return to full price on August 5th. 

This blog post will be the only one dedicated exclusively on the Nordstrom sale, but I will share things here and there in blog posts, and to Instagram and the LTK app. You'll see my top beauty recs on Thursday in the Lately post! 

My First Impression
I thought the sale was pretty decent last year, so I had higher hopes than usual for this year.

I still think most clothing/shoe/etc. prices are inflated across the board compared to pre-pandemic, but Nordstrom has been good about keeping their prices decent in their anniversary sale, and I felt the same this year. 

The thing that stood out to me most was the denim selection. I typically think the denim selection is just OK and usually very repetitive year after year. This year, there were many pairs of denim I really loved, particularly this pair, this pair, this pair, and this pair. 

One thing that I miss about the Nordstrom Sale of years past is that it featured many higher-end designer items. It feels like every year, they nix more and more of the higher-end brands from the sale, so I was shocked to see these Celine sunglasses included in two colors. These are such a popular frame right now, and while they are not for me, I think they look incredible on many, and it's a big savings. 

I thought the shoe selection was just OK. I really liked last year's selection, but I didn't find as many pairs this year. I like these sneakers and these Ballet Flats

I will say that I miss Patagonia, Vineyard Vines, Tory Burch, J.Crew, and La Ligne, just to name a few. I was bummed about their Barbour selection last year, but this year, they have a good variation and, finally, not one, but two waxed jacket options that they have been lacking in years past. I love to see Varley with a few pieces included as well as Dagne Dover.

Overall, I enjoyed seeing many classic silhouettes this year. I felt Nordstrom was skewing very young and very trendy in 2021/2022ish which is personally just not for me. 

There are tons of beauty options. My educated guess is that because the profit margins are higher, it's a bigger money maker. There are a lot of the same brands every year, but the thing about beauty is that you run out of it, so if it's something you love, the price is usually 'worth it' in the sale. For example, I love Augustinus Bader. There is a set of two bottles totaling 1.5oz. The regular bottle is usually 1.7oz. for $300 at full price (cray, I know). In the sale, you get it at $140/oz. Not on sale, you get it for $176/oz. You get roughly a 20% savings. Bader doesn't go on sale often, but it does go on sale for 20% off occasionally. As the youth these days say, 'the math is mathing'. 

I also think it's nice to buy a few beauty sets and keep them on hand for the holiday season to break up and put into stockings or give as little gift extras. I'm all about buying holiday gifts year-round. It breaks up the spending throughout the year and leaves you prepared by the time the holidays roll around. 

My best suggestion is to buy less and aim for higher quality or just replenish your basics (my fave bra I buy every year) or beauty that you would buy anyway. It's nice to snag a sundress if you love it, but I think the Nordstrom Sale is best for things like winter coats and cashmere sweaters... basically,  things that are typically at a higher price and, therefore, where you will save the most $$. I think this Farm Rio dress is so cute and perfect for fall. However, keep in mind that while you save $70ish, Farm Rio goes on sale quite often, so unless you love this exact dress, the deal is nothing special. Cute dresses come and go on sale at so many other brands, but you don't find a lot of winter coats on major sale early on in the season. 

I went through every single thing in the women's, shoes, skincare, beauty, and home categories. I am extremely discerning when it comes to this. I only include things I've either tried and loved or products I may purchase or think are a really good deal. 

Also, it goes without saying, but just because something is on sale does not mean it's a good deal if you don't want/need it or cannot afford it. This sale happens every year, and there are many other sales from many other brands that happen every week... case in point, Amazon Prime Day comes next week!

Some items of note that didn't make the collage... 

- I have this dress in white and love it. It runs TTS. Love the blue color! 

- Love to see a 100% wool coat. So many of the offerings are mixed with synthetics like polyester. This is a gorgeous coat for under $200. 

- My fave nighttime eye cream ever. The only reason I didn't include the set is that I prefer many other moisturizers. It's a solid, good moisturizer, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't entice me to buy the set. 

- The most beautiful pots and pans I've seen for an incredible price. You get 6 pieces with 4 lids making it less than $100 per pot/pan which is a great price if you have ever shopped for high-quality stainless pans. All of the All-Clad stainless frying pans that I have and use are at least $100. I've never personally used Viking brand but it is a notoriously good, high-quality brand.

- Matouk Bath Towels at a great price. I used to have Matouk. I personally slightly prefer my Serena and Lily towels but Matouk is wonderful. 

- I'm not a huge belt bag gal (aka fanny pack) but sometimes they really do make sense. I have and love this belt bag and would recommend it. The quality is superb. It's the only belt bag you'll ever need. It's thoughtfully designed with many pockets. 

- My go-to cotton long-sleeve tee in the cooler months. I love the longer length and the soft cotton material. It shrinks a bit in the dryer so I size up. I think I'm going to get the 'pink violet' this year- it is such a pretty color. It's a 'sporty' long sleeve so I really only wear it with athletic clothing!

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