Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holly GoNightly

Of course you all recognize this as the sleep mask, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's wears. Well it can be yours for the small price of $14 found here. Fred Flare to me, is a very "out there" store, and often times I stop at their website just to get a laugh or see what ridiculous things they have to offer, well they really caught my eye when they featured this! This would make a great stocking stuffer!

Also, check out the Starbucks website (here) and register your Starbucks card for a freebie on your birthday!
Have a wonderful day, just 3 days until Christmas!!


Randall @ Happy For This Moment said...

Too cute, fun website too!

Brunch at Saks said...

I die! I've always loved that eye mask she wore- can't believe you found it to purchase! I think I might have to get myself a little xmas present now! Hope you are having a great holiday! XOXO

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I may be treating myself to those for a little post holiday stocking stuffer, too cute! Happy Holidays!!

JMW said...

Love it! Happy Holidays!

Lauren said...

teehee that's funny and cute! Too bad I can't actually keep those things on my face while I sleep...that would be sooo glamorous! Merry Christmas!


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