Monday, August 23, 2010

Au Revoir Pittsburgh, Hello Junior Year of College!

This past weekend, I organized my life, packed it up, and as you are reading this, I am headed down south for my junior year of college! Classes don't start for another week, but I want plenty of time to socialize before getting back to the grind! Of course I am so happy to be heading back to school because I love every minute (yes, even when I'm in the library studying for hours on end, or in a boring lecture) however, I of course miss my family and friends from home and lots of other Pittsburgh things. Here are the things I miss the most while away at school:
Primati Brothers Sandwich. I love the Capicola and the Pittsburgher the best! Of course it's a Pittsburgh institution, and it has been featured on the Food channel and the Travel channel numerous times!
The Palm Place. The best store in Pittsburgh to buy Lilly, VV, Eliza B., and other beautiful clothing!
Beto's Pizza. Yes that is cold shredded mozzarella atop warm pizza bread and sauce. It really is amazing.

Mac- The best dog in the entire world. I miss him terribly while I am away and have a large blown up picture of him framed in my room while I'm away!
Going to Steelers games! Preseason started August 14! I miss being able to see my team live in action! No worries, as long as my cable at school gets the games, I watch!
Country Club! So many friends to catch up with and lots of fun eating on the porch, going to the driving range, and laying out by the pool.
The many tunnels and bridges. We are the city with the three rives!
Riding the incline up to Mt. Washington or down to Station Square. We have two inclines, are are they only city in the country that can say that!
The View from Mt. Washington. To me, this is my favorite place in the entire world. So romantic, so nostalgic, so Pittsburgh.
Hands down the best diner. Of course you can't forget the smiley cookies or the grilled stickies! 
Of course, most of all, I always miss my parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family friends, high school friends, puppy, and neighbors. 
A tip for the college ladies: I found that I would get bouts of home sickness during my freshman year. They weren't bad, but from time to time, I of course missed the place that I had lived in for 18 years of my life. To help me be less homesick, I created a folder in my Pictures and labeled it "slideshow". I added all of the pictures that reminded me of home. All of the pictures above are in the folder, plus tons more. I got some off of Google images, some from friends, and some I took myself. Then I set my screensaver to only play these pictures. The pictures would go by when my computer would sit idle, and it was like I had  a little slice of home. 
If you are headed back to school, I hope you have a safe trip. And for those of you that start classes today, I hope everything goes smoothly! Have a fabulous day!


Gracie Beth said...

That food looks so good. I miss my dogs terribly as well.

Screen Door Prep said...

Have a great week at school! It's funny...a few years out, I now long for a lot of the things in my college town as much as I long(ed) for the things in my hometown! I passed through Pittsburgh so many times while going to college in Ohio, & yet I am unfamiliar w/ a lot of your post's highlights - although I have enjoyed some Eat&Park smiley cookies. =)

Olivia said...

hi, i just tagged you in my blog. go check it out :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time at school even though there are lots of lovely things to be nostalgic for as well.

mFw said...

I haven't been to Pittsburgh but looks like so much fun!!!! Since I transferred I'm in a city so I can at least go shopping!!!

AJLinBoston said...

Hope your year at school gets off to a great start!

I was very lucky during college because I grew up in one suburb of Boston and went to college in another suburb of Boston - so everything that I would have missed (like my favorite restaurants, places, and shops) was always accessible :)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

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Kate said...

My dad had us stop at every Eat N Park on our PA road trip. I don't understand the name though-don't you park and then eat??

I am (fingers crossed) coming to a Steelers game this fall!

Carole said...

Have a great week before classes start and a fantastic Junior Year. Best wishes!

BAH said...

I went to Palm Place when I was in Pittsburgh! And I love Primanti's of course ... the ragin cajun chicken is my favorite!


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