Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I know it is only September but I have been brainstorming Halloween costumes. This year I have decided that one night I am going to dress as a ballerina. This will be such an easy and inexpensive costume because I already have most of what I need for the costume. All I need are some new ballet shoes that can be purchased at Target and a tutu. I already have a black leotard from my dancing days, already have white tights from my dancing days, and I even have a cream and pastel pink ballet wrap sweater that I used to wear to ballet. I don't even know why I hadn't thought of this costume before! Here are some cute "adult" tutus that are appropriate, and somewhat modest.
This one is from Forever 21 and only comes in black so I would need to purchase a new light pink leotard, but this tutu is just too cute!
This one is also from Forever 21 and I love that it is long and not sheer at all. However, this pink seems a bit too dark. I am going for the very pale pink look!
I am loving the look of a real ballet shoe, however, I think I might try to find something that is actually a shoe with a hard sole so my feet are warm and protected!
This is very close to a leotard that I already own except mine is black. I think it will look just darling with a pale pink skirt, hair in a bun, white tights, and pink or black ballet shoes and my wrap sweater! What do you think of this costume idea? I feel as though girls always try to take the risque route when shopping for Halloween costumes, but I like to be warm, comfortable, and still cute, without looking like something I am most definitely not! Do you have any fabulous Halloween ideas up your sleeve? Have a fabulous day!

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MCB said...

I think a ballerina costume will be perfect for you. Its very cute!!

Kris said...

Cute idea. Pretty comfortable for Halloween too. I have no idea just yet.

bamabish said...

I think it will be cute and very tasteful.
Staying warm is always a concern of mine too! :)

W. said...

ballerina is perfect!haha


The Sailor in Pink said...

what a great idea! wow you are really on the ball!

garden state prep said...

I think ballerina is such a great costume!

CanadianPrep said...

That's such a cute costume! Plus there's nothing better than reusing items you already own to create a costume. One of my favorite costumes was from a couple of years ago. I was the Travelocity garden gnome. Not exactly the cutest, but I got so many compliments on my creativity.

Glitterista said...

I usually alternate between a ballerina and a "desperate housewife" every year. Love this costume, classy and fun. Glad I found your blog! ;)


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