Thursday, September 29, 2011

What to Wear? October Edition.

October is always that in between month. One day it will be 75 and sunny and the next it could be 45 and rainy. I know in Pittsburgh we have had snow on Halloween. However, being down south, you get more of the nicer weather and you tend to dress warmly but leave the coat at home. I've put together several outfits that are appropriate for October for a nice cool day, a cooler day, and a downright cold day.
Cool, Cooler, Coolest

Outfit #1 (left to right)
This outfit is perfect for the first week or two of October. It still shows you're not ready to fully give up summer because of the nautical sweater. The green accessories give it a pop of color but the pants and belt keep things cool and neutral. This is perfect for a 65 degree day.
Outfit #2
This outfit is perfect for temperatures more in the 50's. You could wear this outfit all winter long, but if you want to keep jacket-less for as long as possible, this is a great option. The sweater is very fall and adds a cozy touch to the black pants and cream tank. Add pearls and a gold watch to add a little more dressiness to the outfit. The "slipper" loafers are back in style and while I've always loved them, they are currently "in". Stubbs and Wooton offer, in my opinion, the best options and quality. I own a pair by Ralph Lauren in dark brown with a silver lion on the toe but the S&W's are on my wish list. When picking a slipper loafer, I would go with neutrals. While colors are fun, invest in a neutral pair first, then move onto fun colors.
These are the pair that are currently on my wish list. They are neutral with the black, but the gold heel and gold trim make them fun and different. Also, the gold allows you to really dress these up if you'd like.
Outfit #3
The third outfit is for when it is just downright cold and you can sense that winter temps are ready to arrive. This is great for late October and well into November. The black turtleneck and black leggings gives you a streamlined look making it ok to add a long chunky sweater over-top. Usually I think sweaters make people appear bulky, however, the all black underneath keeps the body slim. I probably would not wear this look to class, however, I think it's great for a Saturday or Sunday just lounging. I also envision this type of look at a ski house or lodge. I know the Uggs are a debated boot, however, they are great to wear when lounging. Add a watch to add a little shine to your outfit and a headband is a great accessory because it can make the look seem more put-together.

So what do you wear when you are unsure of temperatures? Are you ready to welcome October and the crazy ups and downs of temperatures? I sure am! Have a fabulous day!


Eli said...

Great ideas- i need to go through my closet and make some outfits for those rushed mornings! CLE is harsh- must be prepared!!!

Kate said...

All three outfits are cute but I LOVE the middle one!

Anonymous said...

where is the 3rd sweater from? it is sooo cute, I neeed it!!


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