Monday, January 30, 2012


Has anyone seen the E! show called Scouted (Mondays at 10pm ET)? It's a somewhat new reality show with the basis of models being scouted on the streets. I've caught it a few times, and I really don't love it, but I think the thought of being scouted and becoming a model is such a fun thought!

Here's an excerpt from the show on YouTube that you can watch if you want to get the gist of it. Anyway, the reason I am posting about this show is because a character said something that got me thinking. It was one of the men that worked for a modeling agency and the newly scouted model didn't want them to cut her long hair to a short bob. The show played this off as the model not caring about modeling enough and that she was being too difficult. The guy that worked at the modeling agency said, "If Marc Jacobs told you to shave your head, would you?" The model in training said no. Everyone was appalled at her answer and acted as though they would do anything that someone "famous" told them to do.
Here's the point: Sometimes, to get to a certain point in your career you have to make sacrifices. Even during high school and college this theory applies. I have stayed in many weekends during college so I can assure that I am getting all of my work and studying done. I've worked for companies unpaid just to get the experience. It's all about sacrifice to get you to something that you really want. However, I thought that this situation crossed the line. Yes, I think it would be amazing to be a high fashion model or fashion designer and that these models that have been scouted are getting a huge break. But, if someone told me that I needed to change something about my body just to have that career or just to fit in, I would tell them to hit the road. After seeing that excerpt of the show, I put myself in that model's position: I love my hair and it is one of my favorite attributes about myself, why should I shave my head just to give Marc Jacobs what he wants for one shoot. Yeah, hair will grow back, I get it, but to me, no one is that "famous" and amazing that I would do anything to please them.

What do you think about sacrificing and this situation? Would YOU shave your head if Marc Jacobs told you to? Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...

I saw that episode and thought the same thing! I'm glad the girl stayed true to herself! Happy Monday!



Grace said...

I actually am kind of obsessed with this show! And I saw that episode and viewed it more from a sacrifice stance, as in, for a career solely about beauty like modeling, you have to be willing to make changes to make yourself more successful.

Bethany said...

I haven't seen this episode, but I kind of love that the girl stood up for herself :) Definitely applies to college or any career!

John said...

Good one.

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Lexi said...

Some weeks I like the show, and some weeks I'm "eh" about it. And no way - never shaving my head for Marc Jacobs!
♡ Lexi
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