Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine for your Valentine

So ladies, the holiday is quickly approaching, do you know what you're getting your Valentine? Usually I find this holiday more for the guy to impress the lady, but I can't resist treating my Valentine to a little something, right?

Well, I always say, go the ski route, because I am an avid skiier and haven't gone skiing once this whole winter because it has been too warm. But, if it is cold in your neck of the woods, gift him:
  • A pair of lift tickets (because let's be honest, you benefit from this too!)
  • A warm coat, think Penfield
  • Gloves... The ones that you can text through... So he can text you even when his fingers are frozen :)
If it's not so cold, give him a cold one... His favorite beer/liquor will do-- plus that's not too pricey... Only if you're both 21, of course.

For the guy that has everything?
  • Belts... Because you can never have too many. I prefer Tucker Blair. Good prices and even better belts... Someone really cool must have designed this TB belt ;)
  • Golf balls/lacrosse balls/shotgun amo/basketballs/footballs... Guys love their sport and can never have too many accessories
  • Bathing suits... Of the Lilly sort. I choose this, this, and this. And while you're at it, you might as well throw in a tie too... And that super cute bow clutch for yourself. Shopping is hard work!
He got you that monogram necklace for Christmas, so why not give him a monogram this Valentine's day?!  Things Remembered is inexpensive, located in most malls, and offers some manly monograms like  a flask and cufflinks. Plus, if you're one of those waituntilthelastminute kind of people, they usually monogram most things in under an hour! I may be partial to these cufflinks as well...

So shop away and let your Valentine know you love him! Have a fabulous day!


Rosie said...

Hey Summer -

Love your blog, so cute. Was wondering if you'd follow mine back? I'm just getting started and could really use the support/followers. Here's the link!


Melody said...

I love these ideas! Things Remembered is definitely a life saver sometimes! I got my bf an engraved flask when he turned 21 and an engraved portfolio for law school next year. He loved them!

Grace said...

Great ideas! That coat looks really nice, too.


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