Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lifeguard Press: Lilly Pulitzer Review!

I love Lifeguard Press. I have enjoyed their notebooks, stationery, note-pads, etc. for years. So, when Lifeguard Press contacted me about doing a review, I was so excited! It was hard to choose two things, but I love what I chose! 
 First, I chose the Lilly Pulitzer Insulated Cooler in Chum Bucket. The print is so vibrant, it's great! I fit all that you see on my bed into the cooler. I obviously used it as a tote rather than a cooler. It is so large that it makes a great tote. Plus, I plan on using it this summer as a beach/pool bag. I am going to throw an ice pack in the bag and it will keep my sunscreen/makeup and all other beach necessities nice and cool! 
It's big and oh-so-perfect!
To give you an idea on the size I sat it up against my Just Madras tote and vineyard Vines tote.
 Next up is the Lilly Pulitzer Storage Bin (large). I chose this because it looks great in my pink and green themed room. Plus it's perfect as under-bed storage or on a desk shelf. I am definitely going to let cCm borrow this when she heads off to Kentucky in the fall. It will be perfect in her pink and green dorm room as well. This is definitely a college must-have-- especially because it folds to lay flat.
What are your favorite Lifeguard Press products? I love that they have so many options to choose from and feature more than just Lilly! The Jonathan Adler prints are adorable and my mother loves the Susan Wallace Barnes Calendars!
Have a fabulous day!


AKP said...

I absolutely love Lifeguard Press! I order all my Lilly accessories from them. I was thinking about getting the storage bin and now I will definitely get it!


Katherine Diane said...

I love Lifeguard Press! I think it's an awesome idea to use the cooler at the pool, I might have to do that! :)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across Lifeguard Press last year, and I've bought from them 3 times now, and I have to agree... they've got great stuff! If I could affort it, I'd get one of almost everything! It's funny how I came across your post, just when I've recently placed my order for party invitations (they let you personalize Lilly Pulitzer cards online!) AND ordered one of those coolers. Granted, I ordered the Scarlet Begonia pattern, but your pink and green one is super cute too. Now that I see yours I can't wait to get mine! I also got one of the Jonathan Adler iphone covers in the Birds pattern. I hope it's as fabulous in person as it looks online. :)

Southern Sass said...

I have been seeing this Lilly cooler tote everywhere lately, right after I purchased a cooler tote elsewhere! Oh well I just might need two. :) Where did you get your makeup bag? I am looking for a new one and that looks about the size I'm looking for.

Hannah said...

Super cute! I love the cooler!

Grace said...

Darling picks! I've been wanting one of those storage bins!


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