Friday, August 17, 2012

cCm's Dorm Room

cCm is officially in college and as of yesterday, a sorority girl! So proud of her! I wanted to share her dorm room because it is super tiny (I didn't think dorms could be any tinier than the ones that I had at JMU) but she still managed to make it look great!

All of her stuff ready to be moved! 

So excited!

cCm and mom setting her up

The room is tiny but cCm managed to fit a ton of stuff in the closet area!

I love her PBTeen bedding! 

Her desk is so small... I would have been freaking out about that but cCm doesn't seem to mind!

It's official... she's a "college girl" now. 

Have a fabulous day! 


Claire said...

I do NOT miss trying to maneuver in a dorm or attempting to decorate it, but it was super fun nonetheless! Your little sissy's is adorbs!

Preps Know Best said...

Love what she did with the small space...dorm rooms are so challenging & I think you all did a great job! Congrats to cCm on becoming a sorority girl!

Southern Sass said...

Is she a Tri Delt now? She is going to have so much fun! I wish I could go back to college!

Grace said...

I have that same J. Crew tee! Love how she decorated the dorm. :)

Emily said...

Congrats to her!

shamim said...

Good Luck:)

linda said...

she looks sooo happy1 Love her room and she did a bery good job of fitting alot in and it still looks cute!!!!

kjo said...

Did she go Tri Delt? I noticed the dolphin name badge? Such a great organization, she is going to love being a Delta!

Glitterista said...

Oh yay--is that a Tri Delta dolphin name tag I spy?!

caknitter said...

Good luck to your lil sis and wishing her best in college. I hope she enjoys college as much as you did.


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