Monday, September 3, 2012

Mixed Bag Monday

Happy day off of work/school! To start this fun Monday off (there are not too many fun Monday's in the year!) I give you this song that I have had on repeat recently. It's not a new song, but I just discovered it. I love Nora Jones but had never heard her song "Back to Manhattan" and I am obsessed. It's very calming and sounds great when you play it loudly throughout the house or in your car!

 Happy listening! Quick tip: if you are on Pandora or someone suggests a song, I always have a note section that holds all of the songs I want to check out once I get to my computer. Sometimes, I'll even take screen shots of the songs on Pandora and then I just look through my picture folder on my iPhone and look them up from there! 

Last order of business on this holiday Monday is to show you two different outfits that I posted on Instagram  (@SummerWind41490). In both outfits I am wearing the same skirt but completely changed the look of it. This is a great way to make use of what you have in your closet without going out and spending on a new wardrobe! Do you mix and match outfits? Have a fabulous day!


Brittany Lauren said...

I love your outfits!

Nantucket Daffodil said...

Lovely outfits...they make me hold onto summer!

Kerri said...

I love those pearls... I'm definitely a pearls girl. They are the best accessory :) Just found your blog a few days ago and have enjoyed reading through it!

Emily said...

Here's a pandora hint!! If you thumbs up (or thumbs down) a song, you can view them all if you hover over the station, then click station details! Then you can see which ones you like and want to download! :) My life became so much easier once I discovered that

A Preppy State of Mind said...

All your outfits are adorable!! :)

-Rachel @ A Preppy State of Mind


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