Monday, October 1, 2012

Exclusive Summer Wind Giveaway: Lemon and Line

Remember the post on the gorgeous nautical bracelets from Lemon and Line several weeks ago? Well, I have a treat for you... David, from Lemon and Line, has given me a sneak peek of the Nantucket bracelet in the pink/navy combo (above) that won't be released until mid-October! This is a Summer Wind exclusive giveaway so enter to win and be the first to sport this gorgeous colorway. 

Navy and pink is one of my favorite color combinations... I love that you can sport this color combo during all 4 seasons! Here is how I would pair the Nantucket pink/navy bracelet:

Lemon and Line Giveaway
I am obsessed with the cabernet color of the J. Crew toothpick cords and adding a Saint James tee is the perfect nautical compliment to the Nantucket bracelet! I love creating fun and unique arm parties and the Nantucket bracelet is a welcome addition to the party. 

So how can you enter to win a Summer Wind + Lemon and Line exclusive bracelet?! 

Have a fabulous day! 

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dWa said...

Pink and navy together is my favorite color combo! My fingers are crossed!


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