Monday, October 22, 2012


So I think this post needs to be prefaced with a little background. I know my music, really, I do. I played violin for 10 years and piano through high school. I have a taste for classical music all the way to rap music. Frank Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack are my favorites. However...are you ready for it.... I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT. Ok, so I know not everyone is going to agree with me, but I love her. I love her hair, her music, her lyrics (with a few exceptions... ahem "We are never ever ever getting back together"), everything about her. While all of her songs really do sound similar, I can't help but love everything about her tunes.

Why post about my love for Taylor today? Because her album RED is out today! I am heading straight to Target after work to pick up the CD (Normally I would get it right at midnight on iTunes, but if you purchase it at Target, you get several bonus songs). I remember when Speak Now came out in 2010. I was living in the ZTA sorority house and my sorority sisters and I downloaded the entire album at midnight and had Sparks Fly on repeat for weeks! Now when I listen to anything on that album, I think of my junior year and the fun times I had with my sorority sisters!

I already love "I Knew You Were Trouble" and when "We are never ever ever getting back together" came out, I listened to it on repeat for days! 

Plus, she is dating Conor Kennedy, who I think is just too cute and a prepster!

Taylor even hung out with him on Cape Cod... adorable!  

Are you a TSwift lover or hater? Are you jamming out to Red today? Have a fabulous day! 


Cotton said...

Love her! Also, she made my super curly, sophomore in high school hair she's a winner for that!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love her too! This post on her dating habits is too funny though:


SHF said...

I love T. Swift! I purchased RED off iTunes last night and am loving the album so far!


Ali said...

I love Taylor as much as the next girl, but the Kennedy should really be mine. We are much closer in age and much more compatible, at least in my dreams, hah!

Doloris van der Bergh said...

I love T.Swift!! And I am jealous of her, I mean she is dating a kennedy, how cool is that?!
xo dVb

Kathie Truitt said...

Love her - and I'm 50!!

Claire said...

Perhaps you have inspired me to give this one a try - I bought 2 of the singles and have yet to take the plunge into this entire album. But on any other day, I love her haha!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love her new song! I also love that she's dating a Kennedy!

So Simply Chic said...

I am not a huge Taylor fan but I love that she dates a lucky did she get?!?

Have a great week!



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