Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summer Soles

Recently, I've been getting into shoes. I've expressed my lack of love for shoes in the past (read here), but I am starting to warm up to the idea of changing things up every once in a while. 

One thing I've been hunting for is a good summer ballet flat. Honestly, if I could, I would live in my monogrammed Bonnano's. But I do realize that now in the "real world", sometimes, sandals are inappropriate (and sometimes you need to hide the fact that you're in need of a pedicure). Here are some summer shoe options that I have been eyeing. My requirements are that they are neutral so they match most of my Lilly and that they are not too heavy so I don't get too hot when wearing! 
Nude Soles

Do you have a favorite pair of flats for summer? Let me know! Have a fabulous day! 


Laura said...

I bought the J. Crew CeCe Ballet Flat in Tawny Sand for the exact same reasons - honestly the most comfortable pair of flats I have ever owned. Soft, flexible leather. I also have the burnt sienna.

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love all of these! neutral flats are great but I agree, I could totally stay in sandals all year!

Merry Wife said...

I really liked the Jack Rogers Slim, but they seem to have changed the model. It isn't nearly as comfortable anymore.

I just ordered a pair of Ferragamo Varinas in tortoiseshell (on sale!). The metallic ones you posted are very cute!

Kelsea said...

I wore my Jack Rogers platinum ballet flats all the time this summer. They worked in my business casual work environment as well as everyday outfits. I love my black Ferragamo's but I also think they more structured looking.

Gabrielle Ryan said...

You should look at the new Lindsay Phillips Liz flats, they come in neutral and you can change the snaps on them to match anything!

Promised Pearls said...

I love my neutral TB flats! They're perfect year-round.

Anonymous said...

I second Laura's endorsement of J. Crew's CeCe Ballet Flats in Tawny Sand. They are incredibly comfortable, light and flattering.


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