Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Healthy Eating

So, I guess it's kind of funny that I'm posting about healthy eating on a day that is called Fat Tuesday but I've been asked several times through e-mails and Tumblr requests to post about my diet. To be honest, I'm not really one to diet or watch what I eat. If I feel like I'm gaining an "lb" or two, then I kind of edit my diet for the week and that usually works. However, I do try to eat healthy for the most part. I not only do this for weight reasons, but also for the feeling that you get when you eat healthy. I can honestly tell that when I eat healthy, it makes my immune system better, my skin clearer and it makes me feel more energetic. You can read more about my eating and exercise routines here, here, here, and here

In the "real world" I have found that eating on-the-go or sitting at a desk is where you will eat most of your meals.  At times, this makes packing things logistically challenging. If you are eating on-the-go, then you have to pack something that's not messy and can be eaten quickly. If you are sitting at your desk, you have more freedom. I almost always pack my lunch. It not only saves money, but it is the healthy way to go. 

For breakfast, I usually stick to vanilla yogurt with Kashi Go Lean almond cereal.... or I occasionally indulge in one of my guilty pleasures. I have never really eaten yogurt until now. It is high in calcium and Greek yogurts have protein which will make you full... the Kashi is high in fiber too! I actually take the box of Kashi and split it down into around 8 bags so I can grab and go in the morning. I am always looking for time savers like this since I am not a morning person. If you're not a yogurt person and you want to become one, I warn you, they are high in calories. The one picture above is 170 calories which I find to be a lot. I just recently found the Dannon Light and Fit brand of vanilla yogurt which only has 80 calories and no fat.... Dannon will be my go-to now! I also usually have a piece of fruit whether it be an apple or banana and sometimes switch to oatmeal when I want something warm. Oh yeah, and coffee... I have about a billion cups every day. I know, I'm addicted. But also note that I drink black coffee with just a sprinkle of Splenda so it is "healthy".

For lunch, I do a lot of fruit. Clementines, grapes, strawberries, bananas, raspberries, etc. Then I usually stick to something quick and easy. To be honest, I really like Uncrustables and Easy Mac which is not really very healthy, but they are so quick and easy and also easily pack-able. Other times, my mom makes an extra serving for dinner and I'll pack that up for lunch. 

For snacking I eat:

  • Peel cheese (usually the reduced fat mozzarella kind)
  • Latte + fruit
  • Carrots + Hummus
  • Chocolate Chip granola bar
  • Small salad
  • 100 calorie packs
  • Fruit snacks 
I completely realize that what I eat for breakfast and lunch is super childish. The other day, I went to the grocery store and purchased Uncrustables, bananas, Kashi, fruit snacks, and yogurt, and the checkout woman says "oh your stocking up on things to make lunches" and I said "yes"... Then a few moments later, she looks at me and says "ohh, these are for your lunch?".... Meaning she thought I was making lunch for MY KIDS! This is the second time this kind of comment has been made to me at a grocery store. Read about my 22 year old dilemmas, here

I also feel like I need to mention that I really do have a more sophisticated palate than what I made it out to look like. I mean I literally will eat anything and everything (except for mushrooms and goat cheese... ew). My favorite foods are filet mignon (cooked extra rare), salmon, crab, lobster, and sushi of any kind... so I'm not always eating like a child... just for breakfast and lunch ;). 

What do you eat for breakfast/lunch? Do you try to keep it healthy? Any snack recommendations? Have a fabulous day! 


PostgradPrep said...

I completely understand about the childish eating. I am the same way with breakfast and lunch since it is so easy to make a quick pb & j and get out the door for work.

Portuguese Prepster said...

Childish eating definitely occurs when I'm in a rush! I like yogurt for breakfast too!

Anonymous said...

My daily greek yogurt fix is definitely something I miss at college. I'm a big fan of Fage brand. It has a lot of protein and the 0% variety has around 100 calories for a decent sized serving.

Lindsey said...

I eat some of these same things! As far as hummus goes, I wouldn't survive without the Sabra individual cups. I also love bringing goldfish for lunch, and I make peanut butter sandwiches a lot!

Anonymous said...

You seem to be making a great start--thinking ahead and packing breakfasts that you can grab and go is definitely a good idea. I'd suggest, though, not to worry about "too many calories" in your yogurt. The ones with fewer calories are usually smaller and loaded with chemicals, and you need some of that fat--fat equals satiety, meaning you won't be tempting to grab more snacks half an hour later! Maybe switch to unflavored 2% greek yogurt, and add some fruit or cereal to that yourself.

My other suggestion is to fill up your lunch with something a bit more filling than fruit--fruit is a tasty way to get fiber and vitamins, but definitely lacking in macronutrients--carbs, fat, and protein. Maybe a giant salad with some nuts, chicken or hard-boiled eggs, and cheese--easy to prepare the night before, and will give you the energy you need for the long afternoon!

Anonymous said...

Be careful of no fat ypogurts, they are low in calories, but high in sugar, almost all have high fructose corn syrup as an ingredient.


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