Friday, March 1, 2013

Lent: the 40 day challenge

Happy, happy March! Once again, I am teaming up with Southern Shopaholic, Tickled Pink, Glitter and Gingham for our weekly lent update. Remember, we all gave up shopping for lent? Yes, we really did. 

Well, today's topic of discussion is what we would buy if we hadn't given up shopping. Well, this post certainly tested my self control, that's for sure! 

I keep a running wishlist on Pinterest under "Wish Upon a Star". Of course, I pin a ton of stuff that I would like to have, but the things in my "Wish Upon a Star" list are the things I am most likely to purchase... whether it be tomorrow or someday.


I have been looking for a super simple rectangular face watch with a leather strap. Basically Hermes is my perfect vision, however, that is not in my 22 year old budget... but oh, you better believe, someday. Well, Michael Kors and Kate Spade make a very similar style for a fraction of the Hermes. 

The Kate Spade version is $195 and the Michael Kors is $140. I really want it in the neutral nude shade but at the same time, I am so in love with the orange band on the MK and the gold face of the quilted Kate Spade! This will definitely be a purchase of mine as soon as lent is over. 

These perfect nude flats from Talbots are definitely getting in my closet this spring. They are #1 atop my birthday wish list! I have been searching high and low for the perfect pair of nude flats (remember this post?) that are a work appropriate shoe to pair with Lilly dresses and Vineyard Vines skirts and this shoe fits the bill. It is everything I wanted and more. Plus, Talbots makes the nicest quality shoes. Half of my shoe wardrobe is Talbots and they last for years... and the best part is that 99% of the time, the shoe and the soles are leather which is hard to find these days...especially at such a reasonable price point. 

I have also found out due to a little, ahem, insider trading, if you will, that the Lilly Pulitzer Skipper Popover is coming out printed for Summer (May 1st). I am beyond excited. It is far atop my wish list. I am calling it the most perfect "roll out of bed and go to brunch" pull over... very similar to the Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt. Speaking of the SS, I am dying over the gingham shoulders on the latest and greatest. 

I am also still debating over the Louis Vuitton. No one ever told me that purchasing a handbag would be so stressful (see original dilemma post, here). But let me be the first to say, I am so grateful and thankful to have this issue. I really don't think I will be able make a decision until I walk into the store on my birthday. As of right now, I think I will be going with the monogram Speedy 30 or 35 (Audrey in the above photo is what is influencing this decision). I have also toyed with a vintage Chanel or another Kate Spade. The cliffhanger will end promptly on April 14th!

Also, JCPenney, yes you hear that right, is now carrying Joe Fresh. It's about time! I had heard about this brand a year or so ago. Apparently it is like a Canadian Target. From what I hear, they have great basics and lots of J.Crew-esque pieces (like the above top) and the pricing is super inexpensive... we're talking under $30 for a nice top. I will literally be racking up a large JCP bill once lent is over. I want this dress, these $20 pastel pink pants, this easy breezy striped dress,  and this very Tory-ish shift dress. They only had stores in Manhattan but now you can shop online through JCP or your local JCP. Anyone know how this brand fits?!

Last but not least, somehow, I have been eyeing some Mac, Tom Ford, and Bobbi Brown lipstick shades that I am dying to try. I'm starting to think I have a lipstick hording issue. There are worse issues to have, I guess. 

Only 30 more days until lent is over. Boy oh boy this is rough. Thank goodness I didn't ban sushi or lattes. Then, I'd be in real trouble. Have a fabulous day!


Taylor Johnson said...

Going to have to look into this JC Penny collab! JCP is one of the few stores in my hometown's tiny mall. It'll be nice if I can finally do some decent shopping conveniently at home. Loved your post this morning!


Southern Shopaholic said...

ahh yes I love all of this! JCP really has some great things! I need Lent to be over

Whisky Whimsy said...

the speedy has been my dream bag for 2 years now! good luck trying to decide ;)


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