Friday, March 1, 2013

VLOG: Round 2

As promised, here is VLOG round 2 (click here to see vlog round 1). Still working on the sound and lighting! Can't get it right just yet, but hey, I tried... that's all that matters, right?

For this VLOG, I answered some questions from a post from last year (see here) when I was considering a VLOG. If you have updated questions, add them in the comments and I will answer in next Friday's video! And yes, I am wearing my pajamas... this is right before I went to bed, I guess next time I will wear some real clothes... maybe. Just keeping it lazy real! Side note... why do I keep typing "vlog" in all caps... it's gotta stop!

Have a fabulous day! 


issybelly337 said...


cYa said...

I loved watching that one! You are seriously so adorable.

linda said...

omg- you are too adorable! having my daughter watch this for good ideas!

Caitlin C. said...

You are seriously the cutest!!


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