Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sailboat Style

If you follow me on Twitter, then, it is no secret that I am completely and utterly infatuated with Vineyard Vines' latest sailboat print. 

Specifically, the ankle pant. Sadly, the sailboats are not embroidered, but the cuteness level is not lost on me.

Apparently, J. Crew and Vineyard Vines are on very similar wavelengths this season because J.Crew's version is called the Ratti Regatta.  Who did it best? I'm on VV's side! 

2011 Pittsburgh Regatta view from the Le Mont
Pittsburgh has a regatta every year around the 4th of July and I am thinking that the Vineyard Vines pants would make for the most perfect ensemble to take in all of the boats!

In the VV catalog, they pair the ankle pants with the gorgeous Ellie Eyelet top and a neutral wedge. This is another summer favorite and exactly what I would pair with the ankle pant. It also comes in navy which I would also like, please and thank you! 

Are you loving all of the nautical prints and accessories this season? I am, most definitely! Have a fabulous day! 


Ashley W said...

That eyelet top is on my wishlist as well! Loving the new VV Summer products!

Suburban Charm said...

I LOVE the VV sailboat shorts, which are embroidered! I am to "mature" (aka OLD) to be wearing shorts that short, but I think they have the same print in a skirt! The cropped pants are adorable.

Annica Benning said...

I like Jcrew's more ;)

Portuguese Prepster said...

just saw the sailboat dress at stores yesterday and loved it!

Chelsea Oliver said...

I can't wait for the Regatta! Nautical outfits all the way haha!



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