Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Let's Drink!

I love reading everyone's Tumblr questions. I get asked some really great questions!. Recently I received a request to talk about alcohol. The dilemma was that she was turning 21 and didn't know much about it. Well, two years into the legal drinking age game, I'm certainly no expert, but I sure do love a good g&t. I've done several posts covering cocktails in the past (see here and here). Cocktails are all about personal preference so I can suggest drinks, but you really have to experiment and figure out what you like for yourself. 
First, I'll talk about something I know well. That, my friends, is gin. I can't stand vodka (unless it's in a Moscow Mule) so it is always gin for me! In the summer, at a bar, you will find me drinking a g&t 99% of the time. Gin and tonic is exactly what it sounds like, some gin and tonic water in a highball glass served with a citrus of your choice (the more gin, the better ;). The way I usually order mine is "Tanqueray and tonic with extra lime, but if you have Hendrick's, I'll have that." I find that some bars don't stock Hendrick's, but that is becoming less true as bars are catching on. Bombay Sapphire and Beefeater are popular gins, but for me, I stay true to my Tanqueray or Hendricks. To give you an idea, in comparison to Tanqueray, Hendrick's has a spicier, bolder flavor-- making it a good martini gin... I have to be in the mood for the Hendrick's flavor or else I stick to my tried and true Tanqueray. Speaking of a gin martini, I just tried a gin pickle martini at Soba and it was out-of-this-world-fantastic. 

During the summer, on the off chance I decide against a g&t, I go for either a Moscow Mule or Margarita. A Moscow Mule consists of ginger beer, vodka and lime. It's simple and refreshing and always served in a copper mug. As for a margarita, I always make sure it's made fresh (none of the pre-made mix) and get it on the rocks no salt. At home, for a quick fix, the Stirrings Margarita pre-made mix is good!

My favorite libation in the entire world is the good old champers. If possible, I will always choose champagne over anything else. Usually bars don't carry champagne (I'm talking about the young 20-something bars), but tons of restaurants/etc. carry decent champagnes and Proseccos (Italian sparkling wine). My favorite champagne is Veuve Clicquot brut (I like it even more than Chandon or Cristal), but the one I purchase most often (because it's less pricey than VC) is Lucien Albrecht Brut. It is rather inexpensive but so good for the price.

Basically, I stick to what I like. For wines, I know that I prefer Pinot Grigio over Chardonnay, and I like Mark West Pinot Noir (inexpensive red wine... my parents, the wine aficionados, are cringing right now) and Cakebread Merlot. In the winter, I often drink Makers and ginger on the rocks with an orange (that's bourbon and ginger-ale on ice and an orange slice) or a Whiskey Sour or an Old Fashioned.

If I'm on vacation, I'll do a Malibu Bay Breeze or a Dark 'N Stormy. As for beer, I avoid it at all costs, but if in the mood, I will drink a wheat beer like Blue Moon.

What do you drink? What do you love and what do you dislike? Have a fabulous day! 


Kelly said...

these are such great tips! Ordering alcohol can be kind of confusing when you start out. My favorite drinks are Manhattans and Side Cars!

AEOT said...

I like Mark West's Pinot Noir too. It's easy, inexpensive, and perfect for serving at home, especially for a large group. A lot of my friends love it too!

Wine snobs, don't continue, but I recently had the Flip Flop Moscato and really liked it. It's definitely a sweet wine, but we had it with a bunch of friends while playing bocce one afternoon and we all were impressed by how easy it was to drink and how perfect it tasted for an afternoon cocktail. Definitely NOT a wine for dinner, but for an afternoon of drinking and lawn games? Pretty good!!!

E said...

Tom Collins are wonderful drinks--they are essentially sparkling lemonade with gin. I love dark n stormies--ginger beer, rum, and a splash of lime juice.

I don't drink much beer but I do drink hard cider, which usually comes in a beer bottle but tastes much better than beer. I would also recommend sweet wines like Rieslings and Moscatoes for someone who just turned 21.

Andrea said...

Finally! Someone else drinks g&t's!! I don't really like alcohol but I can always go for a gin and tonic. I love Tanqueray and I always end up throwing slices from a whole lime in mine. Cheers!

abeni said...

Ahhhh thank you for actually answering my question!! Ahhh you're the best!

abeni said...

Ahhhh thank you for actually answering my question!! Ahhh you're the best!

Portuguese Prepster said...

umm we are literally the same drinkers. I'm a wine and champs girl myself with the occasional mojito or gin and tonic. Truly rough days call for Makers.

Unknown said...

“I only drink champagne on two occasions; when I'm in love and when I am not.” - Lol! Well, I guess me too! I'm a white aficionado too, but I drink vodka when I want a steep drink and daiquiris when I'm out with friends.


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