Friday, August 30, 2013

One Direction #FanGirl

I'm just going to call it like it is: this is a total #fangirl post. I am new to the One Direction craze. But, within the last month, Harry Styles and One D's hit single, "Best Song Ever" has won me over. This is a slightly embarrassing admittance on my part, but hey, I'm just going to own it. 

 From Frank Sinatra to Dave Matthews, Wynton Marsalis to Taylor Swift I love it all. I have some favorites, ahem John Mayer but I rarely fall for the boy bands. I haven't "loved" a boy band since Hanson. That was back when I was crushing on Zack and dancing around the house to Mmmbop on a cassette tape (I think the infamous phrase, "I am showing my age", fits entirely too well into this scenario).

 Well, I've caught the One Direction bug and I may or may not be madly in love have a crush on 19 year old Harry Styles. Hey! TSwift is older than me so I think it's totally acceptable to have a  wee bit of a crush on Harry (trying out some British phrases, you see). Plus who can resist the British accent?! 

And who can resist his style? Maybe he got style tips from ex-girlfriend,  Cara Delevigne (you know, the one with the perfect eyebrows?!). 

So, sometime this long weekend, I will find time to go see This Is Us (out today). More importantly, I need to find a friend who doesn't find watching a movie about younger guys weird. To catch up on the One Direction craze, watch this YouTube video about their X Factor Days... I watched the whole thing (#noshame). 

Alright, I need to stop now. I've fully embarrassed myself enough on my own blog. Have a fabulous day! 



Charlotte Hayes said...

Have you seen their perfume commercial yet? It makes them all look SO GOOD! Here is the link:

Surprisingly that has turned me into a 1D fan myself, haha!

<3, Charlotte

Caroline B said...

I am just as crazy about them as you are! I saw the movie last night and it was amazing! I highly recommend it! I have a crush on Harry too;)He's just too cute!



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