Friday, November 8, 2013

Being An Adult

When you turn 18, in the U.S., you are legally considered an adult. When you graduate college, then society really considers you an adult. And maybe when you get married, own your own home, or have kids, you're 100% an adult... but that's TBD. 

For the most part, I would consider myself responsible and mature (not to toot my own horn or anything) but to be honest, I don't actually think of myself as an adult. You know, I still feel like I belong at the kids table at family functions. 

But even though I don't think of myself as an adult, as I journey through life, there are moments when I am somewhere or doing something and I have a 'Wow, I am such an adult' moment. Real mature thought, I know. 

Like going to weddings? And being in weddings. Whew. 

I'm actually trying to learn how to cook. The other night I had friends over for a dinner party where I cooked.... the entire meal, all by myself (see proof on Twitter). SO Adult. (seriously if you know me in person, then you know this is a miracle). 

I find myself stumbling onto housewares sites more and more (who wants to recommend their favorites?!). 

Going on dates. 

And not sleeping until noon on the weekends? That hardly ever happens nowadays. 

And wine? I cannot believe I ever actually drank white zinfandel. EW. I actually enjoy wine, all kinds, I don't discriminate ;) I can hear my parent's hallelujah's from miles away on this one. 

Handing out business cards? Yep, another feeling of adulthood. 

When I went back to JMU for homecoming and I was dubbed 'Summer Wind, the Zeta alum' and realized the freshman were born in 1995. Ummm I wanted to dunk my entire head in wrinkle cream. 

People I meet for the first time (usually in business settings) that ask if I am married and have children. Um, no. 

Wearing lipstick and high heels? Yep, adult. 

Gosh the list could go on and on. These are just some funny little things that I have noticed in my life that I thought I would share! What makes you feel like an adult? Have a fabulous day! 



Catherine Hannum said...

I love this. I am graduating in May and I've already had a few "adult" moments. But graduating, I'll be thrown into it even more. It's funny several of my friends are already making it out in the real work and their lives are very adult but to me they're still kids. I wonder how long I'll feel that way.

Maggie Reardon said...

Agreed! Especially the wine part! I knew when I came to enjoy red wine, I had officially entered adulthood!

Books, Beauty, and Bars on a Budget said...

I love this! I graduated in May, and ever since starting my job, I've experienced several of these! It's insane how you can spend every day feeling like an adult, but revert right back to feeling like a kid when your parents still put your presents under the Christmas tree ;)

PS Way to go with the cooking! I have to say that the biggest challenge I've faced in adulthood.


Alex said...

So funny, I totally agree though sometimes I still feel like I belong at the kids table at family events! Have a good weekend!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I am totally with you! Especially since living with my boyfriend now. He is very mature too so between the two of us we act like an elderly couple!

dWa said...

To make you feel better I am a college freshman and was born in 1994! Hehe!

SHF said...

These are all so true, especially the bit about weddings! I still can't believe my friends are getting married and starting families. When did we become so grown up?!


Christina Quinn said...

Spot on! I actually just did a post about one of these little "adult" moments last week - mine was taking my grandma to brunch and picking up the tab for both of us! Definitely more fun than another recent one - paying for an eye doctor's visit for the first time...


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