Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How I Style My Hair

The #1 most asked question I get is how I curl my hair. It's honestly so easy! I've tried to explain in the past, but above are the exact products I use to achieve my hairstyle. 

Dryer/ Wet Brush/ Spray/ Curling Iron (mine is old, this is the most current version)

1. Spray the It's a 10 product into freshly washed, damp hair. I do 3-5 squirts (I have a lot of hair).

2. Brush through with a wet brush (best brush ever). 

3. I blow dry my hair with the Hana Air blow dryer. There is no technique to this, I just wave the dryer around until my entire head is dry. 

4. Then I split my hair into two sections. Put on section clipped to the top of my head and get to work on the bottom section. 

5. I start in the middle of a strand and curl away from my face. Hold for about 5 seconds, and then let go. I do this for my entire head. This YouTube video is similar to the curling technique that I use. Also note, I never tease my hair. My hair is so thick and has so much volume on it's own, it would be ridiculous for me to do any teasing. Sometimes, I actually take a straightener towards the roots to flatten my hair because it is so voluminous and thick.

6. I brush out the curls because my curl holds a curl so well that I look like Shirley Temple before I brush it out. Then I fix the curls with my fingers, not a brush. 

Voila! There you have it! Do you have any curling tips or techniques that you swear by? Have a fabulous day!



Victoria Norris said...

Your hair is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!
- Victoria

Kristin said...

I love your hair! Thanks for sharing!


Portuguese Prepster said...

Your hair always looks gorgeous! My hair is very thick as well so I don't tease either! Plus I am not skilled enough to know how to tease haha

Jubilee said...

Oh my gosh you are the Patron Saint of great hair! Thanks SO much for posting!


Christina Quinn said...

I follow a similar technique for curling my hair, but can offer a tip for ladies like me who are not as blessed in the volume department as you! :) I don't brush out my curls, but instead flip my head over, spray a little volumizing hairspray, and crunch the bottoms of my hair up a bit. Then I tidy up the look once I'm right side up. Although the curls do fall, doing this keeps air in my hair a little bit longer.

Crumbs and Curls said...

I need to try this because your hair always looks perfect! Also I've been really wanting to try It's a 10!

Crumbs & Curls

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I have very straight, fine hair, but lots of it. Needless to say, it doesn't hold a curl very well. My hairdresser always does a good job curling it, though, and I have struggled practicing myself! Might have to check out that YouTube video!

Emily Drake said...

So funny, I was totally going to ask if you could post about how to do your hair! Love it. I use the same technique as well. I have super thick, voluminous hair just like you, so I know the pains of taming it! I just recently started blow drying my hair with a round brush and it makes it so silky and much easier to deal with. Love your posts as always!



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