Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sky Zone

My girlfriends and I are always looking for something fun and different to do. I had read about Sky Zone opening up near us and got super excited. I was a gymnast/cheerleader throughout my elementary/middle/high school life so a place with floors and walls covered in trampolines kind of sounded like heaven to me. 

We headed there on a Wednesday night and we practically had the entire area to ourselves. We literally bounced until we couldn't anymore. It was so much fun. 

The pics and video are kind of embarrassing, but it was just hilarious and we laughed and laughed. Besides parents and the dodge ball league, we were definitely the oldest there. But we wanted to check it out because they have trampoline aerobics and we are totally going back for the classes!

I also made friends with a girl that was probably about 10. She was doing all sorts of cool flips and was teaching me and helping me perfect my tumbling! It really brought me back and reminded me how much I love tumbling! Although, my sore abs the next day reminded that maybe I need to do this more often just to get back into shape! 

Do you ever do fun things that are out of the norm? I am always looking for different activities to break up the monotony of every day life. I totally recommend Sky Zone. It was clean and spacious... semi cheesy, but that's part of the fun, right? Have a fabulous day! 



Unknown said...

I've been wanting to do this, looks like so much fun!
the way to my Hart

Life As The Coats said...

I just posted about my trip to Sky High!! Seriously loved it and felt like a 5 year old for a couple of hours. Definitely a good workout!

Lauren said...

That looks like so much fun!


Pick Your Beau said...

I've been to one of those before, but was no where near able to do a flip! Seems like a blast!

Always, kTm

Alexandra Sayre said...

I freaking love sky zone!!!!

Alexandra Sayre said...

I love sky zone!!!!!


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