Friday, May 2, 2014

Jazz Playlist

To me, there is nothing more calming and relaxing than having a cup of hot tea, listening to some jazz, having a candle burning and either reading or working on Summer Wind. 

I am a huge music person and literally love everything from Mozart to Bob Marley. This blog is even named after music-- Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra. I often think that I am a 50 year old trapped inside a 24 year old's body because of certain things that I enjoy. One of the things that I enjoy that is not really in my 'age group' is jazz music. Wynton Marsalis, David Benoit, Dave Brubeck, Ahmad Jamal (he's from Pittsburgh!!!) and Vince Guaraldi are just some of my favorite stations on Pandora. 

Two fun jazz stories- whenever my family and I are out to dinner or at an event with a pianist, my dad always gives us a tip to take up to the pianist and cCm and I request Take 5 by Dave Brubeck. It's now become one of our favorites and always reminds us of good times spent together. 

The second story is that whenever I would get homesick in college, I would livestream 90.5 WDUQ. It was the only jazz station in Pittsburgh and I loved it. It was comforting to hear familiar voices and I always got a kick when they would talk about the weather in Pittsburgh and I was in Virginia. Sadly, the station is now called WESA and doesn't play jazz like it used to :(

I know that this post is probably not of much interest to many, but I'd love to share my favorite jazz music with you all! I am dying to go to one of Wynton Marsalis's performances at Lincoln Center! Hopefully, I will be able to catch a show next time I am in town. I am hoping this will inspire you to listen, too! My picks are also great dinner party music, too! 

Pittsburgh- Ahmad Jamal 
He's quoted saying 'Pittsburgh meant everything to me and it still does.' A man after my own heart. The entire album entitle Pittsburgh is always on repeat!  
Someone to Watch Over Me- Donald Byrd
Rhapsody in Blue- George Gershwin 
Super famous, you'll recognize this one! It's epic!
American in Paris- Gershwin 
Had to include this because I played it in high school!
Every Step of the Way- David Benoit 
Freedom at Midnight- David Benoit 
My favorite Benoit song.
Mood Indigo- Duke Ellington
In A Sentimental Mood- John Coltrane
The Girl From Ipanema- Stan Getz 
Summertime- Miles Davis 
Autumn Leaves- Miles Davis 
My Favorite Things- John Coltrane
A great version of the Sound of Music's These are a Few of My Favorite Things
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes- Miles Davis 
Super Chill.
Straight No Chaser- Thelonious Monk
Terminal 7- Tomasz Stanko 
Sound like something you recognize? A lot of this jazz artist is on Homeland-- another reason why that show is the best
April in Paris- Count Basie
In the Mood- Glenn Miller
Totally in The Parent Trap!! Definitely want this played at my wedding!
Autumn in New York- Charlie Parker 
So. Good. 
I've Got a Crush on You- Ike Quebec
The Lady's In Love With You- Vince Guaraldi 
He is the same guy that does all of the Charlie Brown music! A Charlie Brown Christmas album by Vince Guaraldi is one of my all time favorites. 

I know I am missing a ton but these are just some of my favorites-- Don't even get me started on the crooners... that'd take me years to come up with all of my favorites! Do you listen to jazz? What are your favorites? Have a fabulous day!



Gramspearls said...

I always listen to the Sinatra station on XM. My all time favorite song is Someone To Watch Over Me by Sarah Vaughn....her voice is like silk. It's good to know that the American Songbook is still alive and well!

Warmly, Kathleen

Amy Marie said...

This is so great! I have spent some time in New Orleans and hearing Jazz music always brings me back. Nothing compares to hearing it live at Preservation Hall!

Sarah Gouin said...

Great post! Many of those you listed are also favourites with my family.

Betsy Davis said...

I too love to listen to Jazz- Dave Brubeck and Madeleine Peyroux being my absolute favorites!
Do you have a spotify playlist?

Karin said...

Oh, this is interesting!I grew up listening to the jazz greats. During the day my parents played Dave Brubek, Getz/ Gilberto and Antonio Carlos Jobim and I remember falling asleep to Artie Shaw and Ella Fitzgerald at night. When Grandpa Hardie in Pittsburgh watched Lawrence Welk, we weren't allowed to talk!!! Ha! I'm happy to say that my daughter in middle school loves Diana Krall and I've introduced her to a wonderful jazz tradition here in San Antonio, the Riverwalk Jazz program on PRI public radio and of course, our beloved Jim Cullum and his band. You can stream the program from their web site or on youtube:


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