Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Randoms

Thought I would share some bits and pieces to end the week! Came across this top and fell in love... it's young and fun while still being crisp and structured. 

I was downtown for Happy Hour a few weeks ago and snapped a few pics of the buildings-- I love being downtown and seeing all of the incredible architecture. The fourth photo in this series is one of my absolute favorite buildings in all of downtown. It is called the Buhl Building and was built in 1913. I love all of the beautiful detail!
I snapped this while running out the door one morning. This is another great way to wear the Two Bees cashmere from this post. It was a chilly morning so I layered with a chambray underneath and a Patagonia vest on top! 

Tory Burch is having an amazing sale right now. So. Many. Shoes. Anyways, my favorite bag is on sale-- it has been my go-to summer bag! 

Do you ever tear through your closet, make a complete mess of your room in the process and deduce you have nothing to wear? I've been dealing with a lot of that lately and my facial expression in the first photo says it all!! How do you get out of a closet rut without shopping and turning your living space into a disaster zone ?! Also, just so we are clear... I Windexed my mirror immediately following these photos. Oops. 

I am often asked suggestions on where eat in Pittsburgh. If I had it my way, every meal would be at Little Tokyo... I eat there at least once a week. Hands down the best sushi in the entire city. I always order the spicy tuna and avocado, spicy salmon, discovery roll, seaweed salad and fried rice with shrimp sauce. Their shrimp sauce is like no other! 

Have you entered the Jack Rogers giveaway yet?!

I saw this on Tumblr and absolutely loved it and just had to share.. it's written beautifully!! Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Mine will be spent working all weekend, but then next weekend, I am headed to DC/Annapolis! Have a fabulous day!


Hannah said...

Love your outfit with the layering!

Cynthia Hoyt said...

I so know what you are talking about with the closet rut!! I go through that on the weekly! Honestly, I put everything away, tidy my room up, hit the gym hard the next day, and immediately I seem to be overwhelmed with outfits to wear! It's definitely a mental thing! And if I still feel like "i have nothing to wear" I go buy a new accessory to jazz something up. I find that's the cheapest route.



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