Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Cricket Sweater

I don't know much about the British sport... in fact, I really knew nothing at all, so I went on a wild Google search to teach myself about Cricket. A few articles and YouTube videos later and I've decided it looks like a mini version of baseball. 

What I also noticed? They don't wear 'cricket sweaters'! Bummer. I'm a huge fan of the style: preppy, sporty and relaxed.. just the way I think summer weekends should be! Anyways, I swiped one of my dad's old sweaters one chilly night (it was actually 55 degrees, brrr) to lounge in and get some work done and I might have worn it 6 other has yet to make it back to his closet (oops, sorry, dad!!). It's a unisex classic and you really can't go wrong. The sweater I am sporting in the above photos is older than I am, but I found a few options if you are looking to pick up cricket ;). This is true proof that this is a classic and a piece you will have forever. It simply doesn't go out of style-- but then again, I guess it was never 'in' either. 

This version is most similar to the one I am wearing in the above photos... grab it now while it's on sale for just $55... and this one is just $49! Also, don't be afraid to shop the men's... they usually have the coziest and best sweaters! Have a fabulous day! 



Gabriela said...

That sweater looks so cozy! Sadly my dad HATES sweaters, so I doubt I can swipe one from him :(

Christina Quinn said...

The permanent-borrow-from-dad sweater tactic is the best! That rick has saved me hundreds on cashmere sweaters. ;) I just found one in a bin in our attic that's the spitting image of the one you have on here - weirdly my dad's was from Gap and also dates back to before I was born. I love looking at old photos of him in sweaters I now regularly rotate into my own wardrobe! Great post, you rock the look.

Christine said...

Dying over that sweater - I totally want it!

Belle said...

I love this outfit! It's perfect for late summer!

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