Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Submit Your Blog Post Topics!

I am headed to my happy place at the end of this week: Georgia! I am planning on pure relaxation and lots of time spent on the lake with family! 

With that said, I loved when you all gave me posting suggestions the last time I asked (like the camera post, boy post, makeup update, what's in my beach bag, DC Guide, Pittsburgh Favorites, etc.) so I thought I would go ahead and let you know I am taking blog post requests (you can also request via e-mail or on Tumblr)! To keep up with me while on vacation in 'real time', find me on Twitter and Instagram! Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

Please post your fitness routine or dietary routine for us working folks!

Kailey said...

Seconded with workout routine!

Anonymous said...

-what's in your bag
-favorite drinks for summer
-hair care
-skin care
-favorite breakfasts
-morning routine or night routine
-agenda organization
-room tour
-closet organization

Jubilee said...

As someone living at home with her parents post-grad like you, how do you balance your independent time and family time?

Also - would love a fall preview post! Especially because lately (I'm in NJ) it's been so cool and this amazing "early Fall" weather - fave lightweight scarves, fave boots - just so can get a headstart on shopping! I feel like the in between time post-Labor Day but not quite cold weather - is a finicky time!

Love all you post!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more about how you get ready in the mornings for the day ahead of you!

Anonymous said...

~Favorite date night spots in and around Pittsburgh!!

~What are your top 10 essential wardrobe pieces for fall/winter/spring/summer?

~Since you've done the college thing can you give some advice on how you organized your closet, clothing and life in college.

~How to pack light while still having a ton of outfit options?

Landlocked Mermaid said...

I love your hair!! Tell us your routine and I need to know how you stay so adorably in shape!! xo

Landlocked Mermaid said...

OH and I LOVE Fall previews. as someone who is so busy and out of the fashion game (working Mommy) I rely on traditional preppy styles because they are so classic. But I always read the cute young girl blogs to keep myself up to speed!! List away sister!! xoxo

Kaitlyn (Bookish Comforts) said...

I would like to echo the fitness routine and dietary routine.

I also like Jubilee's idea: "As someone living at home with her parents post-grad like you, how do you balance your independent time and family time?" I'm in the same boat.


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