Thursday, August 28, 2014

Workout Playlist

Sneakers/ Sports Bra
So let me first be honest and say this post is slightly hypocritical. You see, I used to work out a ton in high school and college, but post-college working out fell down to the bottom of my to-do list. Between my full time job, Summer Wind and everything else that comes with being an adult, working out just doesn't really fit into my schedule. 
But I love working out. I truly get the 'runners high' that everyone talks about. I miss it!
I really like high intensity workouts (if you know me IRL, you'd much energy!!!), so a 'pump up' playlist is absolutely necessary. What's on my current pump up list?  See below for my recommendations! I am always looking for great tunes to add to the list, so please feel free to suggest some great songs in the comments! I also love this playlist for driving to work in the mornings.. upbeat songs wake me up and get me ready and excited to start the day #goodvibesonly!

Jealous- Chromeo

Danza Kuduro- Don Omar 
(I am embarrassed to admit that I kind of love this and have NO idea what they're singing about... I took French, not spanish. oops.)

Arrows- Fences ft. Macklemore

Waves- Magic Man

Out of My Mind- Magic Man 

Shake It Off- Taylor Swift (duh)

Ahead of Us- Tom Swoon, Lush and Simon 
(on repeat-- so catchy and love the lyrics) 

Take Me Home- Cash Cash

Mo Money Mo Problems- Notorious BIG (throwback)

This Will Be- Natalie Cole 

All About You- Hillary Duff 
(Lizzie McGuire is making a comeback and I love it!)

Shower- Becky G

Octahate- Ryn Weaver 

Check out my last playlist, here. Have a fabulous day! 



Gabriela said...

I love Danza Kudoro too, and I have no idea what it means. Slightly embarassing- I fell in love with the song after heading it in Fast Five...

Dee said...

Mo money mo problems...a must have on any of my playlists. Also, "hypnotize" by Biggie, too. That beat? I mean...amazing for working out.


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