Sunday, December 7, 2014

Green Monday Sales

I learned a new term today, that's for sure: Green Monday. It's another 'big sale' day for retailers. Seriously, who knew? Well, it benefits those of who have still not started their holiday shopping, because just like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the deals are back once again. I'll give you more of a run down and less of a play-by-play so you can digest this info quickly!

Club Monaco
30% off winter favorites using code WINTERFAVES

I would suggest checking Amazon's price for anything and everything under the sun, before you purchase it elsewhere, because it likely has the cheapest price. I got this watch off of Amazon, and wear it often! 

Kate Spade
25% off entire purchase using code JACKPOT

J. Crew
30% off using code MERRYMERRY. At this point, you should basically never buy anything full price at the Crew because there is almost always a sale. 

Up to 40% off. Right now, my favorite mascara is 20% off and you get a bonus travel tube, too. It's a good time to stock up!

Up to 40% off and free shipping and returns using code HOLIDAY

Have a fabulous day! 


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Lauren said...

I had no clue about Green Monday, but I am glad I know now!



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