Thursday, February 12, 2015

My Favorite iPhone Apps

Like most every 24 year old girl, I'm obsessed with my iPhone. Even more so because of my blog and the fact that part of my day job is social media.

I'm very calculated in the way that I organize my apps. 1) because I am very type A and 2) because red notifications make me want to lose my mind (please tell me there is someone else like this out there!). Anyways, I thought I would share some of my favorite apps with you in hopes that you'll share your favorite apps! 

I limit myself to two pages of apps, because I would lose track if I had any more than two pages. I like to file my apps away into categories, rather than have a mess of them all over my screen.

Here's what I will highlight on my first page, which are my most used apps:
  • Starbucks: If you are a Starbucks drinker like I am, then this is for you. I have one in the lobby of my building, so it's really convenient to walk down there, sans wallet and order my drink. You also get a free drink every 12 drinks and offers sent to your 'inbox' like 50% food. 
  • VSCOcam: This is hands down my favorite app of all time. It is what I use to edit my instagram photos. There are a lot of great filters that you can buy, but even the basic editing tools are simple and straightforward. 
  • Hootsuite: it's an easy (and free) way to schedule tweets. I don't love scheduling tweets, I think realtime tweets are much more authentic, but sometimes scheduling tweets is just necessary. We use a similar platform at work called Spredfast, which is comparable but charges a fee. 
  • Squaready is an app for adding the white space on the sides/above/below a photo to make it 1x1 for instagram. 
  • bitly (on page 2 of my social folder) is great to create trackable links. We use this at work but I also use this for my blog. 
  • Spotify is a music app that I've just started using in the past few months. I really love it and love discovering new music via their browse and playlist features. I created a killer dinner party playlist, but also create a new playlist each month. The premium is really worth getting because it removes the ads and allows you to skip songs and stream freely. You can also use it on any desktop, which is awesome because it syncs at work, at home and on my phone. 

This page includes apps I don't use everyday. 
  • In my analytics folder, I have Followers/Followers+ and Google Analytics. Followers is great for tracking instagram followers... you can see who followed you or unfollowed you and I am basically obsessed with Google Analytics. It's so interesting to me the kind of information you can pull from GA. 
  • 8tracks is another music app I love. You choose two 'moods' and then can choose playlists created by users based on those moods. It's usually indie/alternative, which is why I love it so much because I always discover new songs and bands to fall in love with.
  • I have a few 'shopping' apps, but my favorite is Hautelook.  It's basically Nordstrom's version of Gilt/RueLaLa.. it usually will have some great shoe deals and sometimes it will have some cashmere pieces that are a steal! 
Do you have any apps that you love?! Let me know. I try to keep my apps at a minimum because I get overwhelmed but love finding new favorites. Have a fabulous day! 



CLP said...

I would recommend the Elevate App. It's a "brain training" app that creates a series of games for you to play every day that help to improve things like memory, reading comprehension, etc. I don't play any games on my phone but this is a series of daily brain teasers that are fun to play if you have downtime (e.g., dentist waiting room) and make you feel like you're being productive.

Also dark skies app is an awesome weather app. I learned about it from a WSJ article and have been hooked ever since.

Ashley Wissel said...

I LOVE getting a sneak peek into people's favorite apps! I am like you in that I hate when my screen is crowded, and I hate scrolling through various screens to get the one thing that I need.

Since I am just starting to get back into blogging, those apps for google analytics, etc. are going to have to be ones that I get on my phone ASAP.

My current favorite apps are kindle for iPhone (I am never without a book), OneNote, and CelebWatch.

Erin Fairchild said...

Ohh checking out Followers! Thanks for sharing!

Her Heartland Soul

Katy said...

Love getting a glimpse of other people's favorite apps! I've found so many of my own favorites this way. My latest obsession is the snapfish app. I literally take hundreds of photos on my phone and never print them; this makes it easy, and you get something like 100 free per month?! Crazy!

miss andrea lee said...

Google + for adding pics from your phone straight to a blog post. Also the cartwheel app- hello target coupons! and flibboard love reading the news :)

Angelika M said...

You inspired me with the apps :) I knew the Starbucks one but a few of themmm sounds interesting :)

LilyBart said...

Hi - great post - some new apps to try.

Off topic question: Who makes the gingham shirt you're wearing in this post? Its perfect!


Kelly said...

Love this post!


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