Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Shopping

I've definitely been trying to put a halt on shopping lately. I love to put myself on a shopping diet, clean out my closet and then reassess my wardrobe needs at the beginning of a new season. That's what I plan on doing, so come spring, I am ready to add to my wardrobe again. These are some things that I haven't been able to resist, especially the first top! Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Sydney! I love your taste (actually you are the only one I even bother to look at for fashion recs any more!) just one small request though-- is there any way to put up the items in a slightly different format? For me they are hard to scroll through! (The arrows arent easy to click for some reason). Thanks girl and keep it up!

Kathysue said...

Love your style, all great choices, BUT not very budget friendly. Maybe a few pieces more budget friendly would be nice.


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