Saturday, April 18, 2015

Neutral Dressy Wedge Sandals

I don't do well heels. I love them, but my feet don't love me wearing them. That's why I love summer. Wedges are appropriate and there are many cute options. They're also great for outdoor weddings or any event where you might need a shoe where you can walk on grass. 

I have a few great pairs that I've collected over the years, but don't have a dressier pair. I stumbled upon these while browsing and think they may just fit the bill! Have a fabulously day!



Erin Fairchild said...

Very cute!

Her Heartland Soul

Erin Fairchild said...

What gorgeous wedges! Love!

Her Heartland Soul

Lauren said...

Love wedges! I really like how heels look on but wedges look great as well and are always so much more comfortable!


Ashley Mason said...

LOVE those wedges! I have been dying to get a cute pair to wear with any of my summer dresses, and I think those are perfect. There's a pair from the Lilly x Target collab that I LOVE, so I'm hoping to get those when Target restocks!


Gabriela said...

Gorgeous wedges, and they definitely do look perfect for all those dressy-ish summer occasions that don’t quite require stilettos! I just wish the price point were just a little better. I’m a longtime reader of your blog and truly love your style and content, so I’ve been debating whether to say something in a few of your posts over the last few months. Hopefully you’re open to some feedback!

When I first started reading Summer Wind in college, I found myself purchasing many items that you endorsed because they always struck a great balance between being classic and affordable: you didn’t buy into cheap “fast fashion,” but showcased moderately priced pieces whose cost reflected their quality. I’m all for a smart splurge, but lately it seems like nearly ALL of the items featured here are well out of the average twenty-something’s price range. (I have a job that pays pretty well and I like nice things, but there is no way I can afford Diptyque hostess gifts, a Cartier watch and multiple pairs of Ferragamo shoes, no matter how much I’d love to.) You clearly work very hard at both your day job and your blog, so good for you for rewarding yourself- seriously! I’d just really love to see more of the reasonably priced items that initially drew me to Summer Wind, as well as an implicit acknowledgement that most of your readership is not fortunate enough to share your lifestyle, even if they are partially funding it via affiliate links.

I hope this doesn't come off as bashing you at all, because I really don’t intend to. It just makes me sad that I can no longer relate to many of my former favorite blogs (Gal Meets Glam, The Classy Cubicle and A Piece of Toast are others that come to mind) because they’ve gotten so out of touch with reality, and I really hope that doesn’t happen with Summer Wind. You have a beautiful aesthetic and I hope to keep reading for years to come!

Summer Wind said...


Thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate and can completely see where you are coming from!

I try to incorporate some lesser priced items in my style and really work to incorporate one or two pieces that are under $100 in each post, if not, at least under $200. But I will definitely try to incorporate more affordable pieces into my posts!!

Thanks again for taking the time to send me this feedback, I really appreciate it and am always looking for ways to improve! And thank you os much for reading my blog :) xoxo

fzillion said...

Can you possibly drive with wedge sandals?
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