Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bateau Neckline (aka Boat Neck)

I love the cut of a bateau neckline. It's simple but feminine. I think it looks great on most women's frames and really dresses up anything! 

I have a navy blue boat neck sleeveless top from Brooks Brothers (ps. they're having an amazing sale right now) that I got years ago. It's on its last leg, and for a few years now, I've been searching for a replacement. Surprisingly, boat necklines are hard to come by! 

I've found two options at a great price that I thought I would share with you all! You can find a sleeveless version here and a sleeved version here! I am so glad I came across these and ordered both in several colors. They're a my idea of a 'dressed up' tee shirt. Have you found any boat neck tops lately? I'd love to know! Have a fabulous day! 


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Erin Fairchild said...

I love boat neck! It's so flattering!

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