Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hamptons Weekend Recap Part II

Sunglasses// Tote Bag (XL with zip)
*everything but the sunglasses is under $100!

Today is part II of yesterday's post about my weekend in NYC/Hamptons! Warning: This is a text and photo heavy post! 

I had an early flight Friday morning out of PIT to LGA. Pittsburgh airport is pretty dated and it's slim pickings when it comes to your choice of airlines, but I am always pleased when I fly Delta. I've had bad experiences on American Airlines lately, so it's always refreshing to fly with Delta even on the quickest (45 mins) of trips to Manhattan.  

As much flack I give to Pittsburgh airport, I will say they are making an effort to improve. The lack of decent coffee in the airport always drove me nuts (oh the horror... I kid, I kid), but they just put in a new place called Bottega dei Sapori which is a cute little Italian market. It's overpriced but it has great coffee, espresso, pastries, chocolates, lots of sparkling water choices and even bellinis to-go. I honestly look forward to stopping in every time I am at the airport. 

As soon as I landed, I met Krista at Chelsea Market and she gave me a tour of the MLB offices. It was such a cool experience and really cool offices. Then, I had some time to kill, so I took the long way via the Highline (it was sooooo hot) and headed to Maison Kayser in the Flatiron area. 

Maison Kayser is my absolute favorite and I always make a point to stop there at the very least for a caffe au lait. I've been to every location in Manhatan, except for the UWS location. My favorite is Columbus Circle as flatiron is a little small ... however, flatiron does offer outdoor seating with an awesome view of the Empire State Building. 

This time I sat inside (hello, air conditioning) and got some work done while I ate. Normally I go for the Salmon or Nutella tartine (so so delicious), but this time I decided I would mix it up and went with the Club Saumon. I'd recommend skipping it. It was good, but the bread really overpowered and not in a good way. 

After lunch, I didn't really have too much time to go all over the city, so I booked it straight to Club Monaco. It's the retailer's flagship store and it's pretty spectacular. Between the spacious, beautifully appointed store, to the beyond amazing customer service, the Strand bookstore and Toby's Estate Coffee, you could really spend all day just in CM 

I really love CM in general. It's one of my favorites for all seasons and always has something I like. I buy a lot of their cashmere pieces (like this one) and also find their shoes to be excellent quality. 

If you're not familiar with the brand, it's a Canadian brand and was bought by Ralph Lauren in the late 90's. It was started by Alfred Sung (bridesmaid dresses, anyone?) and the guy that started Joe Fresh, too. I'm not too sure how much RL inlfuences the brand, but I always describe it to people as the chic, city version of Ralph Lauren. A lot of the pieces are neutrals... you will almost never see bright colors and some styles are trendy, but a lot are basic, classic and high quality. As for sizing, most pieces run true to size, I'm usually a 2 or small in most everything.

 I remember when I was in middle school in the early 2000's, I got my first ever piece from Club Monaco and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They had a great sale going on, so I picked up this top and then I had to splurge on this one

Cadillac generously loaned us a gorgeous car for the weekend... pretty awesome, right? I went to meet the driver who dropped it off, charged my phone a little and checked out the amazing car. My Grammie actually has a super similar Cadillac (except with 4 doors) so I was somewhat familiar with the car, but really got to love it over the weekend! 

Since Saturday was the Country Club Prep event, we woke up early on Sunday and had a jam packed day! It started out overcast but turned out to be a gorgeous day! 

We started the morning at the Golden Pear. It's a Hamptons staple with great pastries... grabbing stuff for a picnic here is always a good idea, too. 

Then, we headed to Tate's... because when in Southampton... 

And we went to Lunch which is literally on the side of Montauk highway on the way to MTK, in Amagansett. It is SO. GOOD. Sorry, all caps were necessary. 

Then we headed to the beach. We didn't put on our suits, but just strolled along! 

Then it was time for me to head out, but not before I had one last meal as I waited for my flight. It was most definitely a marathon food weekend! I've flown back and forth from New York and Pittsburgh a million times ever since I was a child and I have never flown directly over Manhattan nor have I ever flown directly over Pittsburgh. I wish it was daylight, but it was SO cool to fly right over Manhattan and Pittsburgh. You're so low that even in the dark, you can make out a lot... truly incredible! 

And last but not least, Jack Rogers makes custom Hamptons sandals that are only sold in the Hamptons at Country Club Prep! We each got a pair (I chose pink)! Well, head over to Instagram to enter to win a pair! Have a fabulous day! 


Anonymous said...

Sounds so much fun -- where were your accommodations?

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, we stayed at the CCPrep Southampton house! It was wonderful!

Erin Fairchild said...

What a fun weekend! Girl your hair looks fabulous!

Her Heartland Soul

Portuguese Prepster said...

I used to work right near that Maison Kayser! A very dangerous area for after work activities. Love your hair with that maxi dress!

Katie M said...

Seems like you had a great time! Love your new Jacks!



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