Friday, December 4, 2015

Gift Guide 2015: Gifts For Guys

Today my usual lately post is being overridden to share my favorite gifts for guys. I think guys are hardest to shop for. Especially if you are shopping for a guy that has a particular style or taste. I find that getting the guy something luxe, that they wouldn't normally buy for themselves is the best route. I also think being age-appropriate is very important. For example, my dad pretty much has everything on the list below, and a college-aged guy would have no use for a crystal decanter or coffee table book. The list I've rounded up below is for the young professional... someone around the age of 22-35.  

Monogrammed Decanter// Leather Wallet (love this needlepoint version)// Garment Bag

I think most of these are great for a young guy. If it is for your significant other, I really like the idea of adding on to these items. For example, add concert tickets inside the wallet, with the decanter, give him his favorite bottle of bourbon or scotch, etc.

If the guy you are shopping for lives by himself or with all-guy roommates, I also like gifting them things like vases, coffee table books, cocktail napkins and other things that they don't 'need', but will come in handy when the time comes!

If the guy on your list is not into monograms/fashion items, I would stick with something from the above list. Getting him the latest gadgets or sports gear is always a safe choice.

Honorable mentions:
  • A case of their favorite craft beer (ex. Pumpking)
  • Tickets to their favorite sporting event
  • Lift tickets for a ski date 
  • Weekend getaway to your favorite road trip destination 
  • Favorite liquor (I love giving Johnnie Walker blue label because you can have the bottle engraved)
  • Nespresso or other modern kitchen gadget
  • Concert tickets
  • Piece of artwork for his apartment/house (if he has a dog, a commissioned painting of his pup!)
  • Memberships/Subscriptions (gym, Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, Blue Apron, GQ, etc.)
  • Sports gear: Skis, golf clubs, hockey stick, tennis racket, etc.
  • Nice watch (ex. Tag Heuer, Bretiling, Cartier, Girard Perregaux, Patek Philippe, Raymond Weil)
What are some things you have gotten for the guys in your life for holiday's that have passed? Check out my gift guide for guys from last year, too, to get even more ideas! Share in the comments so others can get ideas, too! Have a fabulous day! 

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Lauren said...

Guys can be so hard to shop for and these are such great gift guides! Thanks for sharing!



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