Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lately 2/18/16

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I've been living in this oversized chunky sweater this winter. It's one of my most-worn pieces in my closet and it is now on major sale! 

First of all, is it just me or is February absolutely flying by?! There is not even 2 full weeks left. Where does the time go?! I am so excited for March because I have a few fun trips up my sleeve and also, that's when we start getting warmer weather (woo!!!).

This week has been quite busy. I had such a fun/packed long weekend hanging out with friends and family! Really my entire month of January and February have been busier than ever before. I think the thing that tripped me up the most is that usually, January and February are pretty low-key/quiet for me in terms of work/travel/social schedule, but this time, there was no pause, that's for sure! My calendar is making it seem like I won't have a 'calm' period of 2016! But that's just the way I like it.

Watching: Did you have a chance to checkout my LA recap video?! I'll be sharing more in blog posts next week!

Pittsburgh-ing: Pittsburgh was just named 'the new cool' by Forbes Magazine!

Drinking: Last night I went to a new restaurant concept in the Strip District. I'll do an entire post on the restaurant coming soon, but this is what I ordered to drink and it was SO good. I love a spicy margarita and this was just like that but also had a great smoky flavor, too! You can still check out my snap story that features some of the experience (but hurry, it will expire tonight!). My snapchat is SummerWind41490.

Wanting: This is a super random list this week. I'm all over the place in wanting sweaters and then super summery things like the eyelet dress you see above!

Loving: I was sent these gorgeous Accessory Concierge earrings and on the back, they had Chrysmela Catch earring backs. These earring backs are amazing and genius! I had not heard of them before, but they look like regular earring backs, but you have to slip your fingernail underneath the backs to remove them! I am now wearing them with my diamond studs because I am notorious for losing earrings. Once in high school, I thought I had lost one of my diamond studs and my mom ended up picking it up in the vacuum cleaner so I am really glad to have these new backs!

Loving II: Misty Copeland recreates Degas. This is seriously incredible and might be one of my favorite things I have ever seen. Degas has always been one of my favorite artists and Misty is an incredible dancer-- those two things coupled together: WOW. The creative team that worked on this killed it! Make sure to watch the video, too!

Eating: I had mentioned I am on a low carb kick. For the entire month of January I was super strict and barely ate any carbs the entire month. In February, I've been reintroducing small amounts of carbs here and there. One thing I went without was sushi and just had it for the first tim in a while this past weekend. My favorite sushi in the world is Little Tokyo in Pittsburgh and it was heavenly!!!

Reading: With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, this article that I read last week from the New York Times is a must-read for anyone interested in the fashion industry.

Listening: You guys. The Lumineers released their first single in a long time and I have been playing it nonstop! It's incredible (especially around 1:28)- the piano is amazing. It sounds best when turned up really loudly on great surround sound speakers. I went to their concert (can't believe that was 3 years ago!!) when they came to Pittsburgh and it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. I am so excited for them to drop their new album on April 8th! As always, you can check out February's playlist here. I might start on March's sooner rather than later because February is getting a little full/stale.

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Piper Ellice said...

That sushi looks amazing! Have you tried making LC sushi at home? I've done it before without the rice, with cream cheese or avocado to help everything stick together, and it's really yummy!

Amanda said...

Yum! I love sushi so much. I've been to Little Tokyo Bistro - is it the same or is the Mt. Lebanon location better? My favorite is Oishii Bento in Oakland

Unknown said...

I have also been living in chunky sweaters. I love winter fashion, but I get so lazy that I just throw on the same one all the time. :/ As a ballet dancer, I also love Misty Copeland recreating Degas. I am so excited to be seeing more art in the news!

Unknown said...

Omg, this is perfect. I've been looking for Pittsburgh blogs since I'm going there in a few weeks, and when I saw that you mentioned The Lumineers, my first thoughts were, "this girl has great taste!" I LOOOOOVE their new single! I'm seeing them in June, so pumped! Now to dive into the rest of your blog!

Lauren Lalipop

Unknown said...

I love the eyelet dress on your wishlist! Stunning!!

xx Kathryn


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