Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Gift Ideas

Summer host or hostess gift ideas

I say this time and time again here on Summer Wind: having a stash of gifts on hand is always a good idea! I used to have a small bin that I would store things that I found while out and about that I thought would make great hostess gifts. Now, that 'bin' that has turned into an entire 'gift drawer'.... my mom would be proud!

When I reached into my drawer the other day to pull out a hostess gift, I realized that a lot of the items I had were more 'winter'/holiday appropriate. I started to browse around online to see if I could find some fun summer host/hostess gifts.

Today I am sharing my finds with you all because, just like around the holiday season, summertime is full of vacations, travels, pool parties, weddings, etc. It's always good to have some great gifts on hand! 

Lemon Napkins// I always think a set of linen napkins are a great way to go. You truly can never have too many sets! Whether you are giving a classic white set with a monogram, or something fun like these lemon napkins, this is a great gift! I think if you want to make it into a full 'present', it'd be fun to add a lemonade cocktail mix and maybe some stirrers or cute glasses to complete the 'theme'. 

Candle// A candle is a great 'unisex' gift, and also 'ageless', too! Whether it's a guy or a gal you are shopping for, or your grandmother or your college graduate, stocking up on great candles is perfect! I personally love the diptyque candles, but there are a ton of less pricey options, too. This is one of my favorite scents and it is under $20! 

Handwash Lotion Set// I love receiving this type of gift. This lotion and handwash is one of my absolute favorites. For a more wallet-friendly hand soap, I definitely recommend this one. I have it at my kitchen sink and cannot get enough of the scent. It would be cute to pair it with a sponge (seriously, this is the best sponge ever) or a hand towel since there isn't a lotion to pair with it. 

Cake Stand// I pretty much love anything and everything Spode and this cake stand is gorgeous. Bring it over to your next dinner party with a cake on top and leave it as the gift! 
Wine Pump + Stoppers// A wine pump is definitely a bar necessity. If you don't finish a bottle of wine, you use the pump to remove the air in the bottle, so the wine stays fresh longer! 

Wine Cooler// My parents have several of these and absolutely love them. They are great if you go on a lot of picnics. My parents go to outdoor concerts near our house where you can pack a picnic and sit in the lawn, so they always tote their wine with them! I think it makes a great gift.

// If candy could ever be 'chic', then this is it. Packed in little plastic cubes, these brightly colored gummies are not only cute but equally delicious. I think candy is always a safe bet if you know that they have children. The parents will enjoy it, but it will be great for the kids, too! (This one is such a cute mini set!) 

French Press// This is a great gift for a coffee lover. I especially think it's a great gift for those who have a cabin, or weekend home. They might not have a coffee maker or espresso maker, so this is perfect! I also love this espresso maker for the stove top. It makes incredible espresso! 

Steak Knives// I have these steak knives and not only do they look beautiful at a place setting, but they cut so nicely! 

Cocktail Glasses// This is another 'safe' gift. Glassware is great because at parties, they are easily broken, so it's nice to give a host or hostess a fun new set. Plus, the set will always remind them of you! 

Ring Dish// This is not really a seasonal thing by any means, but I always have one of these on hand! They make a great engagement present! 

Coasters// Always a great choice, coasters are for any age, they're unisex and can be personalized! I have these leather coasters and absolutely love the way they 'age' once used! I also love these with the quirky sayings! 

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Maria Abad said...

The stripe wine cooler is amazing, I may have to get it for myself, oops. Love all these gift ideas, perfect when you're staying with friends over summer weekends.
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