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10 Tips to Increase Weekday Productivity

10 Tips to  Increase Weekday Productivity
Do you ever get to the end of the week and think, woah, I didn't even have a moment to blink? I would imagine we've all had a few too many weeks like that before. Even when I am at my busiest, I have a few things that I make sure to do each week which help to ensure I am being as productive as possible. That way, my weekend isn't spent vacuuming, doing laundry, and balancing my checkbook. This is especially important to me during the summer months, when I'd much rather be spending my precious weekend moments out in the sun! 

Limit Sunday Funday
I admit, in the summertime, this is a much harder task, but making sure I get to bed on Sundays at a decent time really helps to start my week off on the right foot. A tip for you if you aren't as keen on going to bed early (this is me!) is to have a 'shut down' time. I often do this when I catch myself lying in bed scrolling through instagram. Instead, I make sure I put my phone away, TV off, and grab a great book. After the book is in my hand, I don't reach for my phone until the next morning regardless of texts/calls etc. 

Do your chores a little each day
I used to be guilty of spending my entire Sunday, or even sometimes my entire weekends, doing chores such as laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. These are the types of things that fall to the wayside for me during the weekdays when I am busy or stressed and would always end up cutting into my weekends. I still tackle some things on the weekends, but I schedule out my chores during the week on my calendar. It's super flexible, so each week is different, but I'll vacuum one night, I'll clean my bathroom another night, etc. I also always make sure to do laundry and make sure to load and unload the dishwasher as needed. That way, the chores don't feel so daunting and bothersome. 

Schedule a night off
If you're like me, the weeknights somehow fill up. Between meetings, dates, happy hours, etc. it is hard to find a nice chunk of weeknight downtime. I consciously try to schedule one night a week where I have nothing on the calendar. Meaning no yoga classes, no happy hours, etc. Then I can choose to do whatever I like with that time. Whether it be working on blog posts, doing chores, catching up on a good book, or binge watching Netflix, a night off every once in a while is so incredibly refreshing and helps me to reset and re-focus. 

Stay Healthy
A meeting goes late, and I am starving and choose to grab Chipotle for dinner... In my mind, it's a great choice at the time, but then I regret it later on. Healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle is tough when you are constantly on the go! I really try hard to plan meals ahead of time for the week. I'll usually make a big batch of something healthy on Monday and then eat that for the entire week in different ways. Whether it be ground turkey, grilled chicken, etc. I always have something healthy in my refrigerator that I can grab and heat up if I get #Hangry. I also always either start my day or end my day with a few sets of push ups and sit ups. It's not a workout, but it's enough to keep toned and energized when you don't have enough time to break a major sweat in the gym. 

Drink plenty of water
This one is in keeping with the staying healthy tip, but it deserves its own paragraph. This is one of the most important things. I keep a large Tervis at my bedside, on my desk, and then keep my fridge stocked with bottled water in case I'm in a major rush. That way, I am never without water. With stress being a trigger for zits/acne, I truly think staying hydrated helps to keep the breakouts at bay! Also, during the week, if I go to happy hour or dinner and I decide to imbibe, I always make sure to drink a full glass of water for every drink I have. It's little things like this that can help in the long run! 

Show gratitude
Think about all of the people in your life that make your weeks go smoothly. Whether it's your parents, friends, family, boyfriend, husband, etc. There are so many people that help you walk throughout life and not only does showing your gratitude each week brighten other's days, but I really think it's a key to happiness in life! I personally love writing thank you notes/snail mail to those that have been essential in my life. I really do carve out a few minutes each week to write a few notes and pop them in the mail. Plus, who can resist cute stationery?! 

Check your finances each week
I truly believe that frequently checking in on your banking/finances is a major key to staying financially healthy. Go through your credit card statement and make sure there is nothing suspicious. Make sure all of your transfers go through, make sure your savings is up to par, and check in with your accountant, financial adviser, etc. periodically. It will never hurt to be on top of things and will not only ensure financial success but will give you peace of mind, too. 

Manage your lists
If you are like me, you love lists. I have so many and each one serves a different purpose. I suggest making one 'master' list each week that holds all of your 'big picture goals'. I usually put around 5 things on this list. That way, it seems manageable and not daunting. Then, I'll break down the little things on separate lists. I always try to get everything on the master list checked off before the weekend. This post is over two years old, but still rings true of how I create my lists! 

Outsource Tasks
This can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be. For example, if doing your laundry is taking away too much time and stressing you out, it may be time to subscribe to a laundry or dry cleaning service. My building has a valet dry cleaning service and it is magical. I just place my items in a bag and they are returned to me dry cleaned! It really saves time and effort. Another idea may be to sign up for a cooking program such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, which can cut down on your need to grocery shop. You'll be eating healthy and fresh, but saving time by not having to do grocery shopping.

Maybe there is a show you're hooked on and have been binge watching. While that takes precious hours out of your day where you could be productive, you could potentially be doing something else while binge-watching. For example, a lot of times, I will fold my laundry or cook while watching something I am hooked on. Or when I am sending e-mails, I'll check out some new songs so I can build a new playlist and get my e-mails taken care of! I'll even do things like hold a plank for a minute or two and scroll through instagram while I do it... it's not the best, but it actually keeps my mind off of the planking and I end up holding it for longer! 

So those are just some of my tips for a productive week-- even when you are busy! Do you have any great tips to add?


Kerri GirlWithALatte said...

Great tips. I work a unique shift in the emergency department, so I have a few hours before I go in in the morning, but not so much time at night, so I'm working on shifting my productivity to the morning hours as much as possible.

Kathryn Byers said...

These are amazing tips! I actually use the same tip about spreading out the chores throughout the week as of now. It helps to keep in a routine!

xx Kathryn

Dragana said...

I think this is just for NYC but I you can pretty much outsource all your chores. I like to clean but grocery shopping kind of stresses me out so I use the app Instacart or something like Fresh Direct to get most of them! I think Laundromats are also a mostly NYC thing but you can totally do wash and fold pretty cheaply at most of them and that saves a ton of time! Apps like Mint make financial planning/tracking super easy. Lastly, meal prepping is a key to saving time and being more productive! Everyone at my office eats at their desk so I like to just bring my lunch instead of ordering in -- I usually just bring my dinner leftovers since I live alone and usually make too much food.

Katie M said...

Love these tips! There's always room for improvement in being productive so these tips are so helpful!



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