Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lately 7/28/2016

I'm back this week with a lately post! I was so sad I didn't have the time to get one up last week as this is always one of my favorite posts to write, and I know it's always one of the most popular posts each week, so thanks for being understanding and sticking with me! 

Can you believe we are just days away from August? My cousin, Jack, who lives in Atlanta starts school on Monday (his first day of high school!!), isn't that crazy that it's already that time of year?! Fall is my favorite season, and while I always get excited and look forward to that time of year, summer is just such a fun and special time. I've had an amazing summer thus far, so I plan on living it up all through August! 

Wearing: I am so backlogged on outfit posts right now! I have so many cute outfits to post, so keep an eye out for that! In the above widget are some of the pieces that I have been wearing and that you'll see here on Summer Wind soon!

iluminage anti aging sleep mask

Loving: My friend Carly brought us these amazing sleep masks on our trip to Martha's Vineyard! You all know how big of a fan I am of sleep masks... I can't sleep without one! I am pretty sure I've tried every single one under the sun, but Carly totally knocked it out of the park with this Iluminage mask! The idea behind it is that the silky soft fabric is infused with copper, which is supposed to soothe the skin. It has 'anti-aging' properties. Beyond that, the strap is adjustable and it truly is extremely comfortable to wear while blocking out all light. Not to mention, it's washable and the anti-aging properties stay put for 100+ washes. It's the best mask I've ever used. It is currently $9 off as part of the #Nsale, so act fast if this seems like something you'd love!

Loving II: I recently tried out some Label M hair products that were sent to me and I am obsessed. The honey oat hair mask has been my favorite (it smells like fall!!), but the sea salt spray is a close second (I've been keeping it in my pool tote!). In other hair news, I've also been using Solia's hair dryer and straightener. I love trying new hot tools and this pair is great! If you've noticed, I've been straightening my hair a little more often than usual just because of how great this straightener works! Not to mention, the blow dryer is great to travel with because it's so powerful, yet so lightweight! 

Wanting: Dying over this romper. Absolutely love love love it.

Watching: I hate that am typing this but: The Bachelorette Finale has me all kinds of excited. I have never been a Bachelor/Bachelorette person until the most recent season of the Bachelor and now I am hooked. We do a girl's night on Mondays where we get together to watch (and it's so fun), so I think that's partially why, but now I am so excited for the finale!

Eating: Zaxby's. If you are from the south, you probably think this is no big deal, but we have no Zaxby's in Pittsburgh or anywhere near us, so when we are down in Georgia, we always make a point to stop at Zaxby's. I think it's so much better than Cane's/Bojangles. YUM!

Drinking: I've been favoring a dark 'n stormy lately, which is basically a Moscow mule with dark rum instead of vodka. It's so delicious and refreshing-- the perfect easy summertime cocktail! You can find the recipe here.

Sale-ing: The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is still in full effect. A lot of stuff is sold out and few sizes are left, but I've been noticing some restocking here and there on some of the more popular items. This adorable flamingo float is still in stock! We've been lounging on her all week but are all convinced she has a mind of her own/attitude problem... so you've been warned!

Listening: I went through every single one of my playlists on Spotify and pulled all of the songs that I thought would be great for 'easy listening' but that aren't Sinatra/jazz/etc. It's an eclectic mix of 100+ songs, but great for background noise, dinner with friends, working, driving, etc. And, as I've said in the past, I love all of your snapchats with music recommendations-- you are all the best and I really appreciate it! Keep them coming!

Sunscreen From my Snapchat: SummerWind41490
Recommending: My mom had this sunscreen in her tote this week and I am obsessed. The spray goes on so light and evenly and it leaves no residue whatsoever. I use this all over my body and then I've been using 55 on my face! I especially pay attention to my chest/neck area since that's the area that is prone to wrinkles/aging earliest.

Quoting: "Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time." - John Lubbock 

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