Thursday, September 8, 2016

Lately 9/8/2016

Shirt (under $50)// Boyfriend Jeans// Shoes

Pittsburgh-ing: I was in Market Square the other day and my friend Amanda was working on this really cool project with PPG Paints! They had a chalk artist painting a 3-D image. If you stood in a certain spot, the chalk actually looked like it was real! It was very cool and fun to check out! The art was being created to celebrate their color of the year, which is a gorgeous shade of purple called violet verbena!
Wearing: I did a quick little Snapchat round up of some things that arrived late last week. I got tons of comments via snap and e-mail and I tried to answer all of you as best I could! But since Snapchat messages disappear, it gets a little confusing! So if you are still interested in some of the things you saw, they are in the widget above as well as in the Snapchat section in the right sidebar! I'll have full outfit posts coming soon! My favorite thing that I recently got are these black ripped 'jeans'. I put them in quotes because they're more like a legging/pant rather than a denim material. However, they are so flattering and literally the most comfortable pants I've ever worn. Not to mention, they are under $60. They run true to size!

Wearing II: This bralette has to be the best I've ever worn (under $20!). It's beyond comfortable, so flattering, and actually offers a decent amount of support. I bought all three colors after I had ordered one because I loved it that much. It runs small, so size up at least one size. I got a size medium!

Reading: Did you hear? J.Crew is coming to Nordstrom. This article from Bloomberg is an interesting read, especially for those who like to follow brand strategies. It's no surprise to me, considering Nordstrom has been carrying Madewell for a while now. I don't typically shop at, I almost always shop through Nordstrom's website, so to me, this is a welcome change!

Wanting: I would love this pullover! Since moving downtown, I do a ton of walking. I really love waking up in the mornings and throwing on something super casual and heading into the Strip for breakfast or a coffee. It's great exercise, refreshing, and a fun way to get my day started. I then go back and change, but this piece seems like the perfect addition to my closet for crisp mornings! I am also obsessing over this longer grey cardigan. I need another sweater like this like I need a hole in the head, but it just looks so cozy and effortlessly chic!

Watching: I saw someone post the trailer for Mr. Church on Facebook and instantly fell in love. It looks like a gorgeous film and a heartwarming story. It comes out soon!

Watching II: Ok, I got caught up with this algebra equation. It's going viral all over social media, so I sat down and tried to figure it out. I finally gave up after I realized I got the wrong answer twice. But then when you watch the video, it's really way simpler than it looks and I, apparently, was not paying attention to the number of boots and horseshoes (whoops). This entire paragraph will make no sense to you unless you watch the video/try to solve the problem!
Loving: I caved and ordered the Gucci mules that are super trendy right now. I'm typically not one to go for major trends, but I really couldn't resist these. I think they'll be my go-to flats for the fall season. Not to mention, a loafer/mule is really a classic, they're just having their moment right now. So I am sure I will personally wear these for years and years to come! I'm a little bummed because they're hard to get a hold of. I ordered mine straight from Gucci but they're back ordered until October. On Nordstrom, they're even back ordered until December. Yikes... but just in time for Christmas, I guess! Since the Guccis are a major splurge, I found a similar pair that is under $100. It' a great option if you want to wear the look without breaking the bank! It's also a great idea if you're hesitant to buy the Gucci shoes because you're unsure you'll get enough wear. Add these to your closet and see how much you are reaching for them in a few weeks time, then you'll know if it's smart to go for the splurge!

Listening: I've been working on September's playlist for a little while now, so I'm embedding it here this week for those who don't have Spotify! Besides all of the 'new' songs on September's playlist, I've (oddly) been listening to Rosanna by Toto on repeat, a lot of The Police and Into the Mystic by Van Morrison on repeat.

Quoting: 'I realized I was thinking of you and I began to wonder how long you'd been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: Since I've met you, you've never left.'// See more of my favorites here


Celebrating this Life said...

Into the mystic is my fave song! I've always said if/when I get a boat that's what I am naming it (our boat growing up was called Bonnie Boat after a line in the same song!). Thanks for sharing the J.Crew article, I had not heard about that change. Ordering is always such an issue (since I am located in Canada) I wonder if this will make it easier for us international shoppers. Enjoy the Gucci loafers, I'm sure they are going to be worth the investment! xx Rox-Anne,

Lauren said...

I really like the first cardi!



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