Thursday, December 22, 2016

Lately 12/22/2016

Planners and Calendars for 2017:
Can you believe we are just about a week away from 2017?! As I look back throughout 2016, it feels like everything went by in a flash, but then again, last year around this time feels so far away?! Crazy how that happens, isn't it? Especially as I get older, I notice that the time seems to pass much quicker. It's a reminder to really try and soak up 'the now'. 

When it comes to planners, I am old school to the bone (unless I am forced to use Outlook). I like everything written down, color coded, highlighted, etc. If there's a mistake or a reschedule, I use white-out. Maybe I'm the last person left using white-out in 2016, but that's fine by me! 

In 2017, I'll be using my Lilly Pulitzer planner for on-the-go scheduling, but my favorite tried and true method is using a desk calendar. This year, I'll be using this beautiful one (but still has plenty of writing space!). I've rounded up some of my favorite 2017 planners and calendars in the widget above, so be sure to check that out if you are still looking for something great! I personally love to be able to glance at the month as a whole and it particularly helps when planning blog content to see it laid out like that (I'm a visual person!). I'll have to do an entire post dedicated to the way I schedule and plan because I feel like I have a really good system!

Loving: If you've been reading Summer Wind for even a minute, then you'll know how much I absolutely swear by the White and Warren cashmere travel wraps. I have several colors, and while I totally understand that they are pricey, to me, they're worth every penny! However, I found a great alternative (under $120) for those who are looking for a less pricey option! I can't speak on the quality because I have not ordered this, but the size is comparable (which is hard to find!!)... this cashmere travel wrap is just 6" shorter than the White and Warren version and has the exact width measurements. It's under $120 and the price will go back up on 12/26. You can order today by midnight (express shipping) to receive by Christmas if you need a last minute present!

Loving II: These might be the best leggings I've ever come across. They are moisture-wicking on the outside (and look and feel like a typical athletic legging) but they are lined with super soft fleece on the inside. They aren't bulky but they are SO comfortable and warm. I bought them to ski in, but let's be honest, I'll probably wear them much more often than that.... do yourself a favor and get them because I cannot sing their praises more!

Wearing: Callie snapped this photo while we were shopping yesterday. I love when I order pieces from a brand and the colors match identically. It makes it really easy to throw together a monochromatic outfit and that is exactly what I did with this sweater and these cords. They are currently on major sale and seriously the pants are something I swear by (great for work and play)! 

Last-Minute Gifting: I get a FabFitFun box sent to me 4x/year and it's a lot of fun. It's like a Birchbox on steroids. It's $50/box or $179.99/year. This past box, I found a new favorite mascara, got a gorgeous Gorjana necklace, a 2017 leather planner, and tons of full size/high quality beauty products. My favorite thing I've ever gotten in my box, is a Trina Turk canvas pool tote (soo cute). I think this would make such a cute gift and is especially perfect if you need something in a pinch (yes, I'm talking to you, las minute shoppers!). You can use code: SYDC for $10 off your box! 

Recommending: I just got these New Year's eve crowns. It's free shipping if you have Prime. I always love to bring them as a hostess gift and they're so fun to wear around! 

Watching: I'm fresh out of shows, so I'm looking to all of you for your recommendations. I've already seen Westworld, Stranger Things, The Night Of, Gilmore Girls Revival and I recommend them all! 

Wanting: If you are looking for last minute New Year's Eve outfit ideas, you can scroll through the widget above to see my favorites! Also, I tried on this top and leggings and it made such a cute outfit and was amazingly flattering. I think I'll probably order both pieces for yoga/tennis!

Sale-ing: There are about to be sooo many sales, but a lot of them are already happening. Namely, Club Monaco! I got this sweater (comes in a bunch of colors but online it looks like black and camel are left!)

Reading: Just as a heads up about what you can expect on Summer Wind next week: Every year, I round up 'the best of'... usually, it's makeup, but this year I'm going to do several categories, so be sure to head here next week, there won't be a lack of content!

Reading II: This Forbes article about 'best by' dates is a really good read. I try really hard to go grocery shopping often so I am not buying too much and then letting it go to waste, but sometimes, it is inevitable. Not only is it a waste of money when food goes bad and needs to be tossed, but it's wasteful because there are so many others who are starving. 

Listening: I added 20+ new songs to November/December's joint playlist to close out 2016! Last week I shared my top tracks of 2016 playlist and if you are looking for a really great playlist, that's going to be my #1 recommendation! 

Pittsburgh-ing: I've updated my Pittsburgh restaurant guide, so be sure to check that out if you are looking for new restaurants to try. There have been a lot of new ones opening up and I've been trying them as fast as I can!
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. Merry Christmas!


Kalee Donofrio said...

This is Us! I am currently halfway through the show and I am hooked! It starts up again in January and is available on Hulu. Happy Holidays!!

Christy F. said...

There's a new show coming to Amazon Prime I believe called "Z" starring Cristina Ricci- it's about F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I think it starts in January and I am already dying to see it!

Annie said...

You should try using the Pilot Frixion erasable gel roller pens. It allows you to erase the ink if you make a mistake or something changes. It avoids the need for whiteout and keeps your planner looking neat.

instantblonde said...

You've probably already seen them, but I'll rattle off my favorites anyway: Friday Night Lights, Gossip Girl, and That 70s Show!



Ashley said...

Superstore has both seasons 1 and 2 on the NBC website and app. 30 minute episodes, SO FUNNY! I've laughed out loud while binge watching it over my Christmas vacation.

Lauren said...

I am definitely going to try a pair of those LL Bean leggings!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wrap tip. I just ordered it. Merry Christmas!


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