Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Shopping: Activewear

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far! This is my last weekend before the craziness of April sets in. I have something scheduled practically every single day in April, so I'm relishing this weekend to just chill out and prepare myself for the month ahead. Last night I went to my all-time favorite sushi place, Little Tokyo. There is nothing that I love more than 'Little Tok'... it's really the best. I am excited to try out a new restaurant tonight, so I'll be sure to report back in this coming week's lately post on my thoughts! Other than that, I just have tennis on the schedule. 

Today's focus is athleisure! Now that spring is in full swing and I'm on the move a lot more, I've found myself needing some athletic clothing. I take tennis lessons twice a week and then work out on top of that. 

Not to mention, I did a closet clean-out recently and I was wearing stuff to work out in that I've had since college. Not going to lie, things were fraying, there were small holes in certain t-shirts and some of my leggings looked a little tired. I decided it was time to invest in some new stuff, especially because there are so many adorable options out right now. 

Plus, whenever I am working out or playing tennis, I just feel so much more motivated when I feel put together. So today's Saturday shopping is going to be featuring some of my favorite athletic/athleisure wear!

Tracker Shorts// I recently got these and they're pricier than a typical gym short that I would usually go for (like my favorite Nike tempo shorts) but they have to be the best fitting and most comfortable shorts I've ever worn. I find myself wearing them around the house just to lounge in! Not to mention, they're so flattering. I originally ordered the black, but am definitely going back for the white and navy. 
White Sneakers// I have been on the hunt for FOREVER for new sneakers. I just got these Sperry sneakers which are incredibly comfortable. I couldn't recommend them more. They're also so easy to slip on and go. I've been wearing them to tennis because they seem to be resistant to getting totally dirty from the clay courts. However, I really wanted a neutral pair of sneakers, preferably white and these sneakers are the best things I've ever owned. They are like clouds on my feet, plus they look so cool

Basic Tank// I got this because it was marked down. I really like wearing just black and white when I workout. Sometimes I'll fall for the crazy bright colors, but keeping things neutral enables me to mix and match much easier. This tank is super lightweight, comfortable, and not super fitted. I find a lot of workout tanks to be so tight and clingy to the body. I get that some people really like that type of fit, but I like a little looser fit overall and this is just perfect. 

Long-sleeve tee// I have tried so many long-sleeve tees on and hated them all. This one fits like a glove, is lightweight and perfect for layering. I got this in black and then went back for it in white because it's great for wearing with shorts, leggings, or even layering for skiing! 

V-neck performance tee// This is a great budget find. There are a ton of colors to choose from and the fit is great- not too loose, not too tight. I find that I get a ton of wear out of basic tees like this, so I try not to spend too much on them because I wear them out quickly. 

Boast// I am in love with this brand. I've always been a fan but have never bought anything because I hadn't played tennis. Now that I play (not very well) I used it as my excuse to buy a cute new outfit. 

Better Sweater// I have had mine for years but just ordered it in gray. You guys, if you only buy one thing, I cannot recommend this enough. It's SO comfortable and cozy. I wear it with leggings, shorts, jeans, when skiing, the list goes on. It's so versatile and pretty much seasonless. 

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mlb said...

Size recommendations on the tracker shorts? Lululemon sizing is very off to me.


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