Tuesday, August 8, 2017

3 Workwear Essentials for Women

I have a had an influx of people e-mailing me letting me know they are starting new jobs. They have all been asking me what are the best workwear pieces that they should have.

So, I decided to choose 3 essentials. Whether you are 18 or 62, these pieces are classic staples. Whether you are working at a creative agency or a law firm, I can guarantee that you will get your money's worth in wears. 

These are also ALL pieces you can wear after hours and on the weekends, too. It's a win-win. But also, here is my tip for these pieces: splurge. These are all wardrobe workhorses and if you buy something that fits you perfectly and is well made, you will feel amazingly confident and the pieces should last you years. 

Now, I know a $500 pair of shoes are not going to be in a recent college grad's budget, but my point is that you don't need to buy everything at once and you also don't need to spend $500, but for these pieces, get the best that you can afford. Save up and get your sophisticated wardrobe together piece by piece, it doesn't need to happen overnight. It's always a work in progress!

I'd also suggest getting clothing tailored. I definitely don't get all of my clothing tailored, but I can promise you that I reach for the pieces that are tailored to fit me a lot more often. I also feel a million times better in them. Sometimes, even if you buy a $20 dress at Forever21, with a little tailoring, it can look a lot pricier!

I'll be back next month with three more workwear essentials! Stay-tuned!

Navy Blazer
Splurge: One// Two// Three
Save: One// Two
Thoughts: If you work in a corporate/conservative setting, this is such a no-brainer. A blazer is structured so it makes anything look a little more put-together and professional. Not to mention, buildings are freezing during the summer months, so having a blazer to throw on is always a plus. If you work in a more casual setting, there is nothing I love more than boyfriend jeans, a striped tee and a blazer (as seen in this post, here). It's so casual chic! On the weekends? Pair it with heels, a silk cami, and skinny jeans for date night. The key, the absolute key, here is that it must be fitted to avoid looking too frumpy! My suggestion is to go up one size, take it to your tailer and have them fit it to you. It's a short cut to getting a custom blazer for a fraction of the cost. Try to choose a blazer that is in a lightweight wool, which is considered a year round fabric. 

White Button Down Shirt
My Favorite Shirt (under $100)
I have written about this shirt time and time again. It deserves alllll the praises because it really is the best classic, crisp white shirt. It is offered in several fits. I suggested the fitted shirt for layering underneath things like blazers and sweaters, but I love love love the classic fit shirt in one size larger than your usual size for a cute look with dark wash denim and flats (example from this post, here). It washes so well and really doesn't wrinkle. 

Classic Pump
Splurge: One// Two// Three// Four// Five
Save: One// Two
I don't know when this happened, but I am obsessed with shoes. Here's the thing, though. I typically only buy a few pairs every year. When it comes to shoes, I like to spend more and have less. I really do think that the higher end brands make way more comfortable shoes (not always the case, though). I think the most classic pump you can buy is the Manolo Blahnik BB pump. If you are wondering which colors- think neutral. Black or nude. I personally prefer suede but patent are easier to take care of. I think that the Kate Spade licorice pump is an exact dupe for $300 less, and they also offer the BB Pump in a shorter heel, which I prefer. As amazing as 4" heels look, they are killer on the feet. I find that I only wear my 4" heels when I know I won't be doing much standing or walking. The best part about a classic pump? You can wear them with SO much. Whether you're going to give a huge presentation to your entire department at work, going, to a bridal shower and wearing Lilly Pulitzer or going on a first date and wearing leather leggings, a neutral pump is the way to go!

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Unknown said...

Blazer's have been my go to since high school! Also I found a great crisp white shirt at Banana republic and have been loving wearing it to interviews and to date night!

Madame said...

I love your style a lot. It is so classic but with a modern twist. The pair of ripped jeans fits perfectly to your blazer and the pointed toe heels.
Love it.
Greetings Katie


#unmatched said...

i'd add check places such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx for quality pumps-$100 shoe is likely out of reach for most new college grads. You can find nine west, calvin klein, bandolino, etc for $30-$40 usually.

Lauren said...



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Unknown said...

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Great job.
Thank you.
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