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A Workout Must-Have (just $30)

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Earbuds ($30!) 
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So a few weeks ago, I took to Instastories to ask you all what your favorite earbuds are for working out. My inbox was flooded with messages recommending all sorts of options. You guys are always so helpful when I need product recommendations. 

I figured I would share the wealth of info with all of you becuase I've learned a lot about wireless earbuds now and a bunch of you had asked that I share which earbuds I decided to go with.
The top 3 recommendations from everyone were:

I'm leaving the Apple Air Pods off of the list becuase I specifically said I didn't want them. I personally just hate how they never fit my ears properly!

After reading all of your recommendations, I did some research and read a ton of reviews. A lot of reviews said that while the Powerbeats are amazing, they break often. I actually even had some readers mention that to me in their DM's. So I ruled those out. 

I already have Bose headphones, and overall I just love Bose's sound quality. But the headphones I have are not for working out (in my opinion).  

Callie and my dad have the JayBird's and I can first-hand tell you they're amazing in both quality and sound quality. So, I contemplated getting them, but I am really particular about the buds staying in my ear as I'm moving and without the little 'arm' around the ear, they don't stay in my ears! So basically, I wanted the Powerbeats but just didn't want to deal with them breaking all of the time. 

Enter the best $30 I've ever spent. These Bluetooth earbuds are seriously only $30 and not only look almost exactly like the Powerbeats but they also sound incredible. Over 22,000 people have reviewed the buds and they get a 4.2/5 rating. I wanted to workout in them for a bit before I started to recommend them. Now that I have, I wholeheartedly recommend them. I'm going to use them for travel, too, since they do a really good job at blocking out noise, too. They stay in my ears, sound great, hold a nice charge, and come with a bunch of helpful accessories. For $30, these are a steal!

Another great workout necessity? These hair ties. I keep recommending them, but they're particularly great for working out. The coils grip into your hair and don't leave a crease. So, I can work out with my hair done because when I take the hair tie out, it still looks perfect! 

I have 3 go-to workout hairstyles: a top knot, a high ponytail, and half-up. The topknot is typically reserved for workouts like yoga and pilates where I'll be turned upside down a lot and want all of my hair out of my face. A ponytail is for 'typical' workouts, and then I reserve the half-up for strength training/toning where I won't be sweating as much as I would (like with cardio). I use this hair tie for all of these styles!


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I need to invest in a pair of wireless headphones - I'll have to look into those!


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