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Apres Ski Essentials

Apres Ski Essentials

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I thought it only fitting to share a ski post after last week's tropical vibes and the fact that I was in the mountains this week... we were supposed to ski, but it was just WAY too cold. Bummer, but we made the best of it and it was a blast!

I can't believe how much snow the south got and how cold it was here in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is known to get slammed with snow and it's not crazy when we get down into single digits. But it has been in the negatives which is kind of a rarity.

I always say, once you're in the teens, the temperature doesn't really matter anymore becuase it's just too cold to do anything but stay inside!! Since it's been so cold, we've been lucky with getting a lot of snow. The ski resorts near Pittsburgh also are able to make snow since it's so cold, which is awesome. 

Last winter, we had a crappy snow season. In fact, we went skiing one weekend and ended up only doing 2 runs becuase the conditions were awful (slushy and gross). Skiing is one of my favorite things to do in the entire world. I've been skiing since I could walk and it's just something that makes me really happy. 

So with all of that said, I'm sharing the necessities for apres ski since I didn't do any skiing this weekend! I'll be sure to share my ski essentials in another post, too! 

I personally choose comfort over fashion after skiing or even just hanging out in the mountains at a ski house. Typically, everywhere is pretty casual and we stay in a lot and play games, cook, and hang out.

With that said, I still don't think you have to sacrifice style! There are some really cute pieces out each season. I look for things with warm fibers such as wool, Thinsulate, etc. because you might be hitting an outdoor bar, or maybe be around a firepit, or just trekking to dinner and want to be warm! 

Sweater// This one is great because it's neutral and oversized! Also, love this  Sweater and it's on major sale! It's made with Thermolite which is a fiber to keep you extra warm.

Parka// I like to bring something other than my ski jacket. With ski jackets, you need to layer to keep warm, so it's nice to bring something cozier/bulkier for apres!

Boots// I shared this on Instastories already, but I've had my Ugg boots since early high school. They've finally bit the dust. I got a new pair and was debating between the short and mini. The short won by a landslide. I forgot how great Uggs feel when they're new! So much softer and cozier. I know they're not the cutest, but the comfort and warmth level is out of this world! I also suggest Bean Boots and slippers. I really never wear any other shoes than those three pairs on ski trips because there is usually just SO much snow and any other shoe would be ruined or my feet would be too cold.

Basic Tee// I love to layer, and it's always nice to have an extra layer you can throw on under a sweater if you are cold. This has been my favorite tee. I bought several in the neutral colors. They're so comfortable and just an all-around great basic to have!

// I usually bring a pair of black leggings on any trip I go on because they're so comfortable and basic. But I bring several pairs for ski weekends. They're great under ski pants but also wonderful as a base for an outfit. I also LOVE these fleece-lined leggings. They're not as flattering but so warm and comfortable.

Sunglasses// The glare of the sun off the snow can be blinding. I always have sunglasses on hand!

Lip Balm// This is my favorite drugstore lip balm and I keep a stick everywhere. In my car, in my handbags, coat pockets. etc. It really works and is inexpensive. It's totally necessary with super cold temps becuase not only is it healing and moisturizing your lips but also protecting your lips from the cold and wind.

Hand Cream// This is my current favorite hand cream. I have a tube in my purse and next to my bed. Just like the lip balm, it's totallyyyyy necessary, right?!

Sweatpants// Becuase sometimes normal pajamas just don't cut it. I shared these sweatpants in last week's Lately  and while they're men's, they are SO comfortable. They still look somewhat 'presentable'. They run big (obviously) but an XS is just like a women's small!

Cashmere Wrap// Do I even have to sing this wrap's praises anymore? I've talked about it here on Summer Wind for years. It's truly the best and works for so many different things. For ski trips, I love that it can be worn as a scarf, but you can also wrap up in it if you're cold in a restaurant or even use it as a blanket! 


Lauren said...

i would love to learn how to ski! Hopefully it won't be so cold next time you all go!


DLM Concierge said...

Hi Sydney,

Loving this #cozy #winter outfit! We are excited to feature it on your DressLikeMe profile:

We hope you get better snow on the slopes next time :)

~DLM Concierge


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