Thursday, January 4, 2018

Lately 1/6/2018

First flight of 2018 (January 2nd)... look at that sunset!

It's the first 'Lately' of 2018! I saw a tweet the other day that said 'every person born in the 90's is now an adult.' Crazy, right?! I hope everyone's year is off to a great start.

This week has been so odd for me. I spent Monday and Tuesday in Arizona, so yesterday was my first day trying to get back into a normal schedule. Now, it's almost the weekend. I love the short week, but at the same time, it is making it harder to get back into a routine!

It was SO nice to get back to Henry after being away from him for 5 days. I just love hanging out with him. He's so calm and sweet and just such a great companion. He really puts a big smile on my face every single day I am around him.

I want to do an update post soon becuase I have lots to share. So instead of trying to cram it all into this post, I'll have a few update posts. I want to share about my trip to Arizona (post will be live tomorrow), my Christmas break, my feelings/results about unplugging for about a week, Henry, and more! Those posts are to come, so stay tuned.

Wearing: I took time off from taking blog photos and with the way Christmas fell and then my trip, I was in sweats/pajamas for most of the 26-28th. It was the most wonderful thing ever. Don't get me wrong, I love looking/feeling put together and love putting together outfits, but those 3 days of just straight up lounging was incredible. I have three pairs of these men's sweatpants (all in gray) and they're amazing. If you get an XS (and typically wear a women's small) they fit similarly, maybe a tad roomier. They are so soft and so warm. I wear these to lounge around my apartment, but they're also 'neat' enough to wear when taking Henry out in the early morning or late at night.

Eating: I hate to be one of those 'healthy' eaters just because it's a new year. I've become someone who isn't into resolutions. I want to always be bettering myself and not let a calendar dictate my motivation. However, I will say, I definitely overindulged this holiday season more than I have in years past. I feel like I was busier than ever and I ate so many meals out. I am looking to kind of 'detox' this January. My goal is to try and cook a healthy dinner at home 5 days a week (Sunday-Thursday) for the entire month of January to reset myself. Bonus points if I stay in and cook on a Friday/Saturday! I also think this will be great for my bank account, too! It's a win-win.

Drinking: Despite all of the hype, I've never been La Croix's biggest fan. I always prefer Schweppe's lemon-lime sparkling water and I also love Trader Joe's sparkling waters. However, while in Arizona, I tried the passionfruit flavor by La Croix. It's a flavor I never would have chosen on my own, but oh my goodness is it good! Do you have a favorite sparkling water? 

Reading: I loved checking out Wired's 'Gear of the Year'.  I love learning about the latest and greatest technology! I have been thinking about getting a new laptop. I have a 15-inch retina display MacBook pro but I have started to desire something a little less bulky for travel. 

Sale-ing: The Lilly sale is still going on through tonight at 11:59pm EST. New styles and prints are being added so keep an eye out! Did you shop the sale? I typically find the January sale to be a little 'less' than the August sale, but I'm shocked with the low prices and huge selection. I honestly think this might be the best sale that Lilly has ever had! 

 I finally got around to watching Home Again, by Nancy Meyers and Hallie Meyers-Shyer. I am a huge Nancy Meyers fan so I had really high expectations for this film. While it was good, and I definitely think it's worth the watch (it still has that Nancy Meyers feel to it), it fell flat because of the acting. Which is actually kind of surprising since there are some really famous actors/actresses. The storyline is cute and overall I'm excited to see what else comes from Hallie Meyers-Sheyer!

Listening: Was anyone else SO glad to be done with Christmas music? I love it, but I was just so ready to get back to finding some great tunes! I've started January's playlist and it's full of fun, upbeat songs to get you motivated and make you happy! 

Loving: Have you guys seen Shopbop's Bop Basics? As the name suggests, there are a lot of great basics like classic pajamas and cashmere for a decent price! I think I'm going to order some items and I'll report back!  

 Have you guys heard of the brand 'Perfect Moment'? They make gorgeous ski-wear and I'm obsessed with their coats and pants. Definitely, want for my next ski trip (which may be this weekend!). I also love their SKI sweater. Too cute. 

Quoting: 'Do your future self a favor and work hard now.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

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