Friday, January 12, 2018

How To: Wear a Trend in a Classic Way

How To: Wear a Trend in a Classic Way

How To: Wear a Trend in a Classic Way

Sweater (under $100)// Corduroy Pants (on major sale)
Lip Color (in babe)
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We all know I'm not a trendy dresser... that is clear. But I always share with you guys how I will sometimes add trendier pieces to my wardrobe and style them in a way that is more classic and in line with my personal style. 

I saw this cream sweater online and I really liked how it looked on the model. Simple and chic in a year-round color and fabric, but updated with a slight 'statement sleeve' and also a bit cropped at the hem. 

At under $100, I figured, why not. So the box arrived and I pulled out the sweater. I was very underwhelmed. I almost put it back in the box without even trying it on becuase it looked so oddly shaped. 

Well, I put it on and fell in love. It really does have just the right amount of trend so as not to be something you can only wear for a season and then have to retire. And, in true Summer Wind fashion, I styled it classic and simple. 

I get a lot of questions from readers who e-mail me about what to wear on certain dates... so like what to wear for a first date or what to wear on a day-date, etc. So I also wanted to share this outfit because I think it's a great winter date outfit. 

Whether you're going to see a Saturday matinee or you're headed to a casual bar to meet up with his friends, this is one of those really classic, non-fussy types of outfits that will have you feeling comfortable but very put together. 

I think it's also a great option for a more casual day-date that you know will continue into the evening. Depending on the level of dress or the weather, you can swap out the shoes for booties if there is snow or throw on heels if you want to feel a bit dressier. 

And, speaking of dressier, since the sweater is a bit short, it would be a great 'skirt sweater'... you know those sweaters that don't look frumpy when paired with skirts? Well, this is a great one! 

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Lauren said...

Love the sleeves on that sweater!



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