Tuesday, March 6, 2018

3 Months With Henry

I actually can't believe it's been 3 months with Henry already, yet I can't believe it's only been 3 months, too. If you're new here, you can read all about Henry here, you can read about his 1-month update, and some of my favorite dog products

This sounds so cheesy, but Henry makes any day a good day. We are the best of friends and we basically do everything together. I take him everywhere (well, wherever he is allowed) with me. 

He's started to get to know everyone in my life. I love that he is very familiar with my parent's house and whenever he sees my mom or dad, he is so excited. It warms my heart that he loves my family just as much as I do! 

I wrote in my 1-month update that Henry was skittish and timid with a lot of things. He was nervous about 'strangers' petting him or random noises. But now, I think he's really warmed up to life in Pittsburgh. He's friendly with everyone he meets, which is something I was slightly worried about. He's so kind and gentle. 

He's very calm for the most part. He rarely barks. But, he is SO wild when he plays with other dogs or when I chase him in my parent's backyard. He is insanely fast and loves going for walks and playing more than anything. 

When I say we are best friends, it's really true. He follows me like crazy...his herding instincts and need for interaction are so very real. When I am sitting at my computer for too long, he will jump up and sit on my lap. He will usually just fall asleep curled up on my lap. It's the cutest thing ever. He sleeps with my every night and he's always laying right up against me- usually by my head, it's so funny. 

If you have been following Henry's toy saga, then you know when I say that I feel like I have tried every single toy brand, ever. Henry will destroy any toy I give to him... he love love loves to chew and it amazes me that he never tries to chew anything that he isn't supposed to be chewing. He's never once chewed on a pillow or a shoe or anything. 

But because he is an Australian Cattle dog, they really need to be stimulated with toys, so I try to get him several each week. For plush toys, I started taking a reader's suggestion (thank you!!!) who basically said, your dog is going to destroy whatever you give to him, so just go to Homegoods/TJ Maxx and buy a bunch of $2 or $3 toys that he can destroy. I did exactly that... I ended up spending like $50 and I have a stash of toys that I'll give to him every so often. He destroys every single one, but at least he has things to play with. The only annoying thing is that when he plays with toys I know he will destroy, I have to watch him carefully so I can get the fluff and squeaker away from him because I'm always worried he will choke or swallow something he shouldn't. So I can't really leave him home alone with those toys either. 

The toys that have held up for a very long time that I would recommend are: this Becobone, this Kong, this Nylabone, a chuck it ball, and an Elk Antler. I also leave him alone with these toys and he always does fine with them! 

I think January and February were hard for him because he couldn't go outside as much as he would have liked to. Coming from Texas, he was clearly used to the warm weather so he hated going out in 10 degrees... but I mean who can blame him?! He would walk outside, do his business and bolt right for the door to go back inside! As it has started to warm up, I really think he is happier and more excited to be outside!

I'm beyond excited to bring him to the lake this summer. I think he really wants to get in the water. Whenever I turn on the water in the tub, he races right to it and just stares at the running water. Then, when I switch it to a shower, he stands up and tries to get in before I remind him that's a 'no'. I got him a doggy life vest so I'll be excited to see if he jumps in the lake when I do... my gut is telling me that he will!

My Thoughts
Overall, again, Henry is the best decision I have ever made. He's made my life infinitely better- and it's not like I thought I had a bad life pre-Henry! While I am away for long periods of time, I miss him so much and am always facetiming him! He seems so much happier from when he first came here. I can tell he is enjoying life and loves everyone in his life so much and that makes me beyond happy. 

I'll be back with a 5 or 6 month update. I was going to do one monthly, but I don't want it to be boring to all of you! If you'd like to see more continued updates, let me know, but otherwise I'll only do a few a year! In the meantime, you can follow Henry on Instagram, here. I created it because I take so many photos of him and want to share his cuteness. However, I didn't want to flood my Summer Wind follower's feeds with a ton of images of Henry because I know they're following me for fashion/beauty/travel.  I also wanted to create a small community of Summer Wind followers who also have dogs so we can share tips and ideas so our pups can live their best lives ever!


Jess said...

I can't get enough of this pup! I don't know what it is about Henry, but he is just so adorable. I love all your posts with him!!

xo Jess

Sarah said...

Henry is adorable! I'm so glad he is adjusting to life in Pittsburgh!

Stephanie P said...

Aww! I love this and love reading about and seeing pictures of Henry! Y'all are the perfect pair! :)

Anonymous said...

You sound like such a good owner, Henry is so lucky to have you! A family friend that has a team of sled dogs in Alaska told me about a dog toy that cannot be destroyed, even by their guys. I want to say Tuffy or something like that? Try googling "indestructible dog toys." They were around $50/toy but if sled dogs can't destroy them...

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Such a sweetheart. Love hearing all about him.

Kirkland said...

He is always "camera-ready" with his sweet face! Have you given any thought to enrolling him in a "doggie day care" for a couple of hours a week? I found that it was a "win win" with my 2 yo rescued golden retriever. She got to feel comfortable in new and different situations after having a rough start in life and burn off a little energy when I wasn't always available to walk her.

Heather said...

I love how dogs make every day better - there is nothing like puppy snuggles! So glad that things are going well with Henry.

You should try this toy/stick from Target - https://www.target.com/p/petstages-174-dogwood-153-chew-stick-dog-toy-m/-/A-14433375 . It says it has "pieces of real wood," which I didn't think would be a selling point, but my dog LOVES the smaller version of it! Eventually she will gnaw it down and then I take it away so she doesn't choke, but since it's a chew stick, and not a toy, it takes a lot longer to get to that point.



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