Tuesday, March 27, 2018

How to Increase Your Productivity

How to Increase Your Productivity

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I'm someone who loves to research every.single.thing. If someone saw my Google search history then they might think I was nuts. But, if I hear something and it makes me curious, I look into it! I can't help but want to be a sponge and soak up all of the knowledge... I'm a lifelong learner and I think that's a really good way to live.

But, in today's digital media age, I think you can most definitely over consume. Whether you're surfing your Facebook newsfeed and go down a black hole of articles or your scrolling on Instagram and 30 minutes have gone by, or you watched one YouTube video but an hour later and you're still watching makeup tutorials. My point is that the internet is amazing because you can learn so many things but you can also waste so much time! 

Monitor Your Consumption 
This is why I think the number one way to increase your productivity, and something that has helped me immensely is to monitor your consumption. If you are consuming more than you are creating I think that can become an issue.  

Set a Timer
Need a break from work and want to hop on Instagram- set a timer for 5 minutes! Even just hearing that timer, it will snap you out of the Instagram feed and back into 'reality'. This is something I'm very mindful of doing. 

Make a List
Another way I control my media consumption is to make a list. While I am working if something sparks my interest and I want to learn more, I write it down on a list. It's more than likely that I don't need to do the 'research' right then and there to complete my task so there is no reason I should be letting it cut into my time. Then, at the end of the day, or when I have fully finished a big task, I'll turn to the list and start doing my digging. That way, the researching doesn't cut into my allotted productivity time during the workday but I still let myself learn and be curious. 

Turn Off Notifications
I am one of those people that cannot have red notifications. It drives me insane. Because they will distract me from whatever I am doing, I completely turn off my notifications for social media. No really, they're always off. That way, social media doesn't control me, but I control social media. 

Set Your Phone to Do Not Disturb
This is like turning off social media notifications, but while I'm working on something, my phone is set to Do Not Disturb. There are settings in the 'do not disturb' feature where you can let certain people get through and things like that for safety purposes. Not having my phone ring, whether it's from a call or text helps to keep me right on track. I also have my phone set to do this from 10pm to 8am. That way, I'm able to wind down before going to bed and also focus my morning on starting it off on the right foot. 

Unfollow the Fluff
Sure, following 5 accounts of cute puppies is fun, but that's how you end up going down a black hole of consumption. Where, yes, it might be for fun, but at the same time, it's kind of a waste of your time. You probably only need to follow one cute puppy account to get the same amount of 'fun'. Follow accounts on social media platforms that you feel bring value to your life. Whether these accounts inspire you or make you feel good, or they provide a service such as healthy recipes or great tips (ahem, like this blog post... shameless self-plug right here, haha!), when you are following things that you see value in, you are getting a little more out of your media consumption! Also, by cutting out the fluff, you're following fewer accounts on your various platforms and your seemingly endless scrolling will end sooner than later.

Do you work hard to cut down on your media consumption and boost your own productivity? Let me know if you have any really great tips in the comments below! 


Kelly said...

"If you are consuming more than you are creating I think that can become an issue." --> love that! What a great rule of thumb. Drew and I are trying this week to fast from some soul-sucking bad habits (for him, news; for me, mindless social scrolling) and this seems so helpful for when we reintroduce certain elements.

Lauren said...

This is the perfect early spring outfit!



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