Friday, April 27, 2018

An Outfit I Love

White Jeans// Tote (also love this tote!)
Sunglasses// Lip Color (in cherry)
Jack Rogers Sandals
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I think it is hard to stay away from trends. I just naturally prefer classic pieces and in my perfect world, there would never be a trend. But trends can also make things fun. I get it. However, in today's retail world, it's like every single brand shoves a trend down your throat until it's almost unavoidable. Does anyone else feel like that?

Take, for example, the cold shoulder shirt. It has been EVERYWHERE for years now. You will never find me wearing a cold shoulder top. I guess one should never say never, but it's true, you just likely won't see me in one. I think I need to mention that I am not judging anyone wearing a top like that- I say you do you. Fashion and style are ways to express ourselves and if we all had the same tastes in clothing, life would be pretty boring. I also think some can pull off a cold shoulder top better than others... I am one of those 'others'. 

Since there are so many trends flooding all the retailers (even the classic brands) it's refreshing when you're able to find a genuine classic- a true quality piece of clothing that you know you'll have and wear for years to come. 

I happened to find a true classic in the men's section: this fisherman sweater! This isn't really a new one for me because I've always browsed in the men's section. Every once in a while, you can find really cute pieces for your own wardrobe. I typically get a size small or x-small and it either fits just right or it's comfortably oversized (like a boyfriend fit). 

There are so many endless ways to wear this sweater and you can really wear it all year round. Even better? Since it's just cotton, you can machine wash it (but I don't put it in the dryer)! 


Susan M said...

I completely agree with the cold-shoulder top-I don't get it. It has even filtered down to girls clothes. I am dreading when Talbots starts selling these!

Kayleigh said...

I am over the cold shoulder trend! Next please!

Kelly said...

I haaaate cold shoulder tops! I got one when they FIRST came out (December 2016) and thought I was so cutting-edge (HAAAA) and now I seriously just hate them. I hate the way they look on little kids, and it drives me bonkers that I've had wedding clients wear that style AS THEIR WEDDING DRESS! (I'm like, Seriously? You want to look that dated?) Much to be said for timelessness and classics.

Madison said...

The trend that must die is the silly front-tuck. Oh, it looks good on you, though.


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