Tuesday, April 3, 2018

How to Remove Coffee Stains

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I wear a whole lot of white. Case in point, the outfit I am sharing in today's post! I have white carpets, white towels, white bedding, and light beige barstools. I also happen to LOVE coffee. Love. But, coffee and white/light colored fabric do not do well together.

I'm also someone who spills somewhat frequently. One time, it was early morning and I was walking outside with a thermos of coffee in my hands. It had rained and as I was walking I slipped and fell. I was wearing white and my coffee had spilled all over me (and I drink it black so it is usually a VERY dark stain). I had to go back inside and change! 

Something that has enabled me to keep my fabrics coffee-stain-free is that I've taught myself the best way to get rid of the stain. I've done a ton of research over the years about this and between the research and trial and error, I think I have it all figured out. 

My #1 Tip: Blot Immediately 
My biggest tip is to respond to the spill immediately. The quicker you react, the better the chance that the coffee won't stain. Immediately blot the stain with a DRY cloth. I feel like some people think of going straight for a damp cloth but drying the stain with a dry cloth is exactly what you need to do. Depending on the fabric, if I'm able to get to a napkin/ paper towel/ cloth/ etc. and blot the fabric quick enough (before it soaks into the fabric), it makes the stain SO much lighter. 

Step 2: Blot with cold water
Blot with cold water. Hot water tends to set stains which makes it much harder to remove (remember cold and coffee both start with C's, so that is how I remember!). Sometimes, I can get the coffee stain out just by dry-blotting and then blotting with cold water. But again, this is usually only if I can tend to the stain immediately. 

Step 3: Pretreat the stain
I swear by Shout. I feel like I have probably tried most of the stain removers out there and I think Shout works best (by far!). I spray a light amount on the area and let it sit for a bit. Sometimes you can then take a damp cloth and remove the stain, but typically, I suggest tossing the item in the washer by itself (if it is a really bad spill). If you don't have Shout, I suggest using Dawn dish soap. I use Dawn on all sorts of stains and it works every time. It's especially great for grease stains (like dressing) but since coffee does contain oils, Dawn is a great option. 

That should do it! If you are really struggling after those steps, check out my post on how to keep your whites, white!


hannah g said...

I like Shout as well as Dawn for clothes, but even better than those is hydrogen peroxide. Gentle but effective, and removes even blood without leaving a trace. 2 Christmases ago, my brother brought white tshirts and sheets home with pit stains and a detergent stain, respectively. Soaked them in hydrogen peroxide and they looked brand new. I couldn't believe it. Highly recommend!

Briana Nicole said...

I always seem to have the worst luck with stains! Thanks for this!


Lauren said...

I am in love with the navy trim on your sweater!



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